Defender confirmed to not return on EU for now

In February, the Object 252U Defender will be sold on all servers – with the notable exception of EU. The developers finally listened to the players, the official forum explanation being made by Falathi, Polish Community Coordinator today:

„Ladies and Gentlemen

You might have been able to notice that players in some regions outside of EU did have a chance to buy the Defender in February. We want to be fully transparent with you in this matter, thus we’re informing that right now we don’t have ANY plans to offer the tank for sale on the European sever.


When the Defender was introduced in 2017, many of you voiced your concerns regarding the effectiveness of the tank in-game, and claimed that it’s too strong. We spent some time analyzing the situation carefully, and after checking the data and your opinions, we got to the conclusion that this tank shouldn’t be sold, because it’s problematic. Let’s get to the current situation. Much work was put into rebalancing the game, which heavily changed its character, and in light of that, we looked at the viability of the Defender in the current meta. We think that this tank is still good, however it’s not the alpha and omega of heavy tanks. Nevertheless, we know that the European community still is worried about the tank and its (re)introduction. That’s why we decided that right now we won’t sell the tank in Europe.

We are aware that some might not agree with this decision. We will monitor your opinions regarding this matter with utmost care. We humbly implore to share your opinion regarding the Defender, we’re listening.

See you on the battlefield!

-Falathi, Community Coordinator”

In conclusion, it seems like the tank will not arrive very soon in our Premium store. It’s for the common good.