Defender confirmed to not return on EU for now

In February, the Object 252U Defender will be sold on all servers – with the notable exception of EU. The developers finally listened to the players, the official forum explanation being made by Falathi, Polish Community Coordinator today:

„Ladies and Gentlemen

You might have been able to notice that players in some regions outside of EU did have a chance to buy the Defender in February. We want to be fully transparent with you in this matter, thus we’re informing that right now we don’t have ANY plans to offer the tank for sale on the European sever.


When the Defender was introduced in 2017, many of you voiced your concerns regarding the effectiveness of the tank in-game, and claimed that it’s too strong. We spent some time analyzing the situation carefully, and after checking the data and your opinions, we got to the conclusion that this tank shouldn’t be sold, because it’s problematic. Let’s get to the current situation. Much work was put into rebalancing the game, which heavily changed its character, and in light of that, we looked at the viability of the Defender in the current meta. We think that this tank is still good, however it’s not the alpha and omega of heavy tanks. Nevertheless, we know that the European community still is worried about the tank and its (re)introduction. That’s why we decided that right now we won’t sell the tank in Europe.

We are aware that some might not agree with this decision. We will monitor your opinions regarding this matter with utmost care. We humbly implore to share your opinion regarding the Defender, we’re listening.

See you on the battlefield!

-Falathi, Community Coordinator”

In conclusion, it seems like the tank will not arrive very soon in our Premium store. It’s for the common good.


39 thoughts on “Defender confirmed to not return on EU for now

    1. Whiny bitches don’t want to see a flood of P2W tanks that shouldn’t have been sold in their current state.

      What a bunch of assholes, they don’t want the game balance to be even more fucked up than what it is now, game is ruined. /s

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    2. OMG How will you ever play without OP premiums. WG is being inconsiderate and should just give you a special buffed version. This one gets penned way to easily by tier 10 TD gold ammo.

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  1. “We think that this tank is still good, however it’s not the alpha and omega of heavy tanks.”

    Yeah, it lacks accuracy and…. *thinking* and that’s all, in fact.


  2. what makes me wonder is, how they got it out at first place! We told them this tank is OP as hell….
    Then, QuickyBaby made a review saying this was NOT an OP tank! (I wonder what he smoked that day…) Then we bought it and laughed all the way…
    The only problem of this tank is that it does not have limited MM XD
    Only at Tier X battles I need to worry (a little) XD XD XD

    But, what I can not understand is why NOBODY complains about the American T26E5 which is also OP as hell….

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    1. The Paytriot needs to be in a hulldown position to be effective. The flanks are very vulnerable. And despite its impressive DPM, it has a low alpha.

      I don’t say it’s not OP, but a bit less braindead than the Abject 252 with its strong hull+turret and its 440 alpha boomstick.

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    2. The difference is the Patvomit is just a wee bit too good allrounder for a T8 premium HT. It’s the 140 or 5A of T8. Whereas the Defecator is just blatantly broken horseshit. The WTF E100 of T8.

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  3. This statement kinda contradicts itself. They acknowledge the Defender is ‘problematic’ (it’s not the WTF E 100 so they’ll never admit they screwed the balancing up), but they still sell it outside the EU server. Either they don’t care about the other clusters, or dunno.


  4. Either give everyone a chance to buy it or remove it from the game altogether. Don’t just say “no Defender for you” while every other server gets it and some people on EU still have it.

    We still see it in randoms, and it dominates tier 8 CW and SH, clans where members havent had the time to get one are at disadvantage. That’s more unfair this way.
    All you’d need to do is fucking rebalance it and offer a refund like you did with the SuperPershing. Then put it back on sale again for everyone. Instead of having a selected few who are allowed to own one while others who either didnt have the money at the time or whatever other reason are now forced to fight it without a chance to own one themselves.

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      1. Nope, I had both Obj 263 and SU-122-54, and got Obj 268 ver. 4 and Obj 263. If I only had Obj 263, I would still get both tanks, meaning that I’m wasted my money on SU-122-54…


  5. A weird decision, I guess it’s just to hype up,very soon now they will pretend to crumble and due to popular request offer a fat expensive package with that tank. All EU money whales will jump and bite, hook, line and sinker.

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  6. Well this is shitty solution, because THERE IS STILL A LOT OF OPFENDERS IN RANDOMS, but hey, what can you expect from people who never played the game?


  7. I’m wondering if the people whining about the tank and not wanting it sold again are the ones that have it, that way they are one of the few to have it AND they get to have the advantage.


  8. Meanwhile cunts that bought it already can still use it in the overpowered state that it is now and fuck the regular players that meet them in battle.


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