WoT NA: Ranked Battles Arrive in a New Season

Source: WoT NA Portal

It’s been a while since the last season of Ranked Battles swept the battlefield, and we’re ready to kick off a new one that ramps up the fun and excitement.

You have provided us with tons of valuable feedback based on two Beta Seasons. After thoroughly analyzing it, we’re finally ready to launch Ranked Battles again—so you can test the new rules and let us know what you think.

One goal, one stage

Starting from the next iteration, it’s all about turning the whole season into an action-packed chase. The new Ranked Battles season has just one stage, so there’s no need to play through the night to level up over a weeklong run. Now it’s you, 21 days, and the 15-rank ladder to climb.

Reach milestones safely

As you already know, there will be 15 Ranks in the upcoming season (the higher your rank, the better). Once reached, Ranks 1 and 15 are always with you, so you’ll never lose them. But the season will be long and intense, so we’re introducing a “shield” system that grants you protection when you reach a certain Rank.

How it works: Ranks 5, 10 and 13 offer shields that let you keep your Rank, even if the rules say you should have descended a rank. This will give you room for mistake and allow you to collect your wits before the next push. The shields are not indestructable, though, as you’ll have a respective number of defeats for each “safe” Rank before they “break”, pushing you one step down the ladder.

  • Rank 5 allows 3 losses
  • Rank 10 allows 2 losses
  • Rank 13 allows 1 loss

Remember that every defeat will lower the protection of a shield by one. However, a single victory will be enough to fully restore it.

To the victor go the spoils

Chevrons are still your way to advance up the Rank ladder, and we’ve reconsidered their distribution to encourage the most aspiring tankers.

At the end of a battle, chevrons will be given to the ten best players of the winning team and to just one exceptional tanker on the losing side. However, if you reach the Top 3 in a winning team, you will get an extra chevron. If you end up in the bottom 10 of a defeated team, you will lose one chevron. Ending up in any of the remaining positions will not change the amount of your chevrons, so you can exit the battle safely and have another go in the next fight. This will allow the best players to advance in Rank faster, providing an extra incentive to win.

limbing the ladder

To secure a place on the leaderboard, you need to earn at least 5 Rank Points, which means reaching Rank 5. Getting further isn’t as easy as it sounds. Just like it was before, you’ll receive one Rank Point the first time you climb one rank. Once you reach Rank 15, it’s time for your vehicles to do the work: every time your machine earns 5 chevrons, you get one extra point with 25 Bonds. And, starting from this season, you can check your position both in the game client and on our website.

Special accolades will be handed out to those who participate in Ranked Battles, and just what they are depends on how successful your performance is during the season. So be prepared to step in as both an individual and as a team player!

Supercharged rewards

As long as the next season is a single heat, there will be no stage rewards. Rank rewards are still here, and they have been revised to become more worthwhile. Reaching Rank 9, for example, will grant you 1500 Bonds, with bigger numbers given for higher ranks. All in all, reaching Rank 15 will add 4,000 Bonds and over 3 million Credits to your wallet.

Seasonal rewards will be updated, too, giving tankers their well-deserved Gold, Bonds, and days of Premium Account, while each league will receive its unique visual style and badge.

Shortlisted battle arenas

Previous seasons have demonstrated that some of the maps aren’t the best fit for the specific requirements of Ranked Battles, so we’ve updated the list of available locations, removing Erlenberg and Swamp.


6 thoughts on “WoT NA: Ranked Battles Arrive in a New Season

  1. For me, the biggest problem in ranked battles was the surprising ability of a team to go full retard.

    In randoms this is a matter of time, after a few wins you get a retarded team of bots/idiots, test-blasting their guns at the start and going in time-tested quick death locations, inappropriate for their tank class. Leaving one major flank open is another honored retard tradition. Usually I try to hold the flank alone only to see some team kills and total crumple of the popular flank, leaving me alone against 14 enemy tanks.

    Again, in random this is not rare or special, but if people go to ranked battles and play to win, why and how do they try hard to lose? It is either a WG joke conspiracy using bots or some clan assholes throwing battles for some clan boobs on enemy team.

    Either way, ranked battles were invented to promote competitive gameplay, they failed, people still play “for fun” or some stats or IDK what.


  2. Between the new players that either rush up the tiers or buy a premium and the “experienced” players (over say 10k battles) with PR of less than 3500 (I have seen one with 35k battles with a PR below 2k) being stuck on one team, it is difficult to have truly competitive battles. WOT will never have that until they fix MM to make players with similar skill levels play each other. Basing MM on number of battles is not an answer since you can have re-rolls and the “experienced” players that I pointed out that will continue the imbalance.

    If WG wants truly competitive matches, in all non clan formats, they need to tier players based on PR or stats (other than # of games or win%) and add that to MM.


    1. It’s actually the “cons” of having a game with years of lifespan. At this point there are already some great players that could utilize some weakness in formation/map control to suddenly wreak the enemy team, against new people/people who actually almost never learned. Several years ago, most people are in similar skill level so this don’t happen that much (plus several years ago we also have defensive cancer meta with one shotter 5 arty per team, for example)


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