WoT – Adieu FCM 50t

Quick info – if you really want to fill WG’s coffers and want the FCM 50t it’s the last chance. The plan of removing tanks with limited MM from regular sales is going on nicely, and the first victim in 2018 will be the french heavy.

15 thoughts on “WoT – Adieu FCM 50t

    1. Depends on how you look at it. As the pref MM tanks are one of the reasons your normal tier 8\’s sees tier X all the time. As pref MM tanks get more equal tier games to screw up for the rest.

  1. As if limited matchmaking is the reason. This campaign is old and a dead horse, especially as they reintroduced already removed tanks into the shops. So what smm tanks got really removed in the timeframe of two years? I say – total bullshit.

    1. Well first off, the 50t should have been removed ages ago. As in right after the Jagd 88. But WG changed staff again, and the pref MM removal did halt. 112 was removed for buff reasons, not due to the pref MM. Panther M10 was tho, but new staff added it back again. Now that we are on the 3rd staff change in 2 years almost…. they are going back to the pref MM plan again.

  2. Meanwhile I haven\’t seen a single KV-5 on the battlefield for ages.
    This is what retarded broken new prems and overarmored regular tanks + \”ultra great\” MM gives to players who want to \”enjoy\” the game. 🙁

    1. I suspect the IS-6 will still be removed if they go full on the pref MM removal again. But… then again the KV-5 and IS-6 both have 217 gold pen. And the KV-5 worse AP pen vs the IS-6. But WG still don\’t know what to do with them in terms of buffs. Sadly they have been thinking about it for almost a year. They want to remove the prem MM on them and buff the guns massively. Like 225 AP pen and280 ish gold pen etc. Or give it a tiny pen buff on both shells with AP to around 190/200. And keep the pref MM.

    1. Don\’t forget about the Panther M10 as well, which they first put back into the tech tree and then sneakily put back onto the store. But hey, it just confirms what we already knew: WG\’s words are meaningless and they have zero long term vision for the game.

  3. They will buff it and use it for sale in short periods of time to milk more. And after that they will put it back in the techtree, just like the 112 and JT88.

  4. Same to : JT88 and E25
    \”last chance, removed, etc…\” 2x / year is sold by WG…

    1. They never said it was a last chance, as in never to be sold again. It was a last chance.. as in via the tech tree for gold. The wording for both on their removal page stats… they can\’t guarantee when or if they will be sold again during events etc.

  5. Yeah,remove the FCM,but then you re-introduced the 112 and the Panther m10 in the in-game tech tree a year ago.With that logic,the IS6 should have been removed ages ago,just like the super pershing.Not like the FCM is worth it,I don\’t even play it anymore,since MM is putting you in tier 9 matches all the time,what is the point of playing a gigantic \”medium\” that can\’t bounce tier 7 tanks,let alone tier 8 ones,and one that is an artillery magnet.Much better to buy something like a Revalorise,plus is much cheaper,or wait for something like a patriot,they had that a month ago on sale,and I expect it will be on sale later this year.

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