WoT – ELC EVEN 90 Soon™

dies_ari, a Community Coordinator explains

A bit of info about the ELC

Some people wondered why they didn’t receive the pre-purchase offer, despite being Premium Account users and with battles on it. It seems that a small percentage of those players weren’t included in the campaign. Sadly, we cannot change the campaign retroactively now. The good news however is that the same offers will appear in the store in about a week, with identical pricing as in the pre-order. We know that it’s sad that you can’t drive the tank you were looking forward to, we’re sorry! But in one week it will be there!

16 thoughts on “WoT – ELC EVEN 90 Soon™

  1. \”it’s sad that you can’t drive the tank you were looking forward to\” translated : \”it\’s sad that that you can\’t yet pay 25 euros for the worst piece of anti-French bias since the nerf to the ELC AMX\”

  2. What the fu*k is this?
    I don\’t care about that tank at all…but is this how it is now?
    They can\’t even handle their own money making campaign right?

    Let\’s try a contested way of doing things and OOPS, oh well, we messed it up for people who actually want to do it, what can you do, EH?!

    1. I currently have a 30% Coupon and would like to use it on the EVEN before it expires in a couple of days.
      Am I stupid enough? 😉

  3. OM I can\’t wait please release it now please please please!
    Oh, hang on, I actually COULD buy it right now … it\’s just that I really can\’t be bothered to spend any money on that thing, neither now nor later. And this silly marketing trick certainly won\’t change my mind.

  4. Drama because people can\’t throw money at Wargaming right now, but have to wait a few more days. Thats funny and I\’m sure WG giggles.

  5. i did actually recieve this offer in game and i felt insulted that they advertised it to me. this timed exclusivity thing is nothing more than some weird marketing trick designed to make you think your getting something special. the thing is it may have worked on people if the tank wasnt complete wank but it is so no one cares.

  6. I cannot believe it, there are really some Idiot… erm… people who bought this crap.

    1. Or light tank players. 🙂 fun to run active scouting in el halluf and have everyone miss you due to size.
      It was a tier 10 battle.
      With 4044 spotting damage.

      1. Woyld you say you can repeat a game like that in the next,lets say………..100 battles?……….

        1. No. but i\’ve had several fun ones nearly as good. that\’s enough for me. the tank needs some small buffs here and there, but it\’s fun. and I like an uphill battle.

          1. I can actually relate to this. I do think the tank can be fun to play, and I can understand that this more than enough to some people … after all, that\’s what playing games should be about, isn\’t it.
            Truth be told, if I weren\’t so pissed off with Wargaming in general I would have bought one myself. Enjoy your tank!

            1. Yes,but i dont think that paying 30E-40E-45E for a pixel tank, just to \”have some fun\”, is sending the right message to WG.Majority of people would have to choose to buy only 3-4 premium tanks to have fun yes,but also to be competitive with their premium pixel tank…..

  7. Seems some people will actually buy ANYTHING from WG so long as its Premium and at Tier 8, suppose for noob\’s to the game or \’fun casual players don\’t care if Win or Lose\’ its wallet open wide time,

    Cannot wait to track then Ram (almost to death probably) the Tier 8 Even in my lowly Tier 6 Cromwell then out DPM it 3 times over (almost) to kill off the \’weakest\’ Tier 8 ever in existence in WOT.

    Sure ………. go ahead buy it enjoy it in
    Pilsen …. and etc ~ the other brawler city type Maps that are 80% in rotation all the time

    4 good LT Maps for this T8 even to shine on, just 4!
    out of 36 ……….. hmmmmmm?

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