WoT NA: Sabaton’s 2018 Tour!

Source: WoT NA portal

Get ready tankers and heavy metal fans: Sabaton tours North America and Canada Feb. 8-Mar. 11, 2018 with their biggest tour in years. World of Tanks is once again proud to join forces with the band — this time as a tour sponsor!

Sabaton tour dates

Tanks to the Fans: #tankmetal:


In 2017, World of Tanks and Sabaton collaborated and unleashed the Primo Victoria, a Premium tier VIII medium tank that featured the actual band members (complete with authentic voices) as the Crew.

To celebrate Sabaton’s tour, we’ve got several World of Tanks special missions, reward events, and sales scheduled for February:

Feb. 8-26: Primo Victoria Premium Tank Sale + Inscription Missions
Note: Purchase the Primo Victoria during this time to play the Inscription Missions.

Feb. 10-Mar. 5: Sabaton! Tank Rewards


We’ll also give away codes for the Primo Victoria in streams and other places throughout Feb. — just imagine how cool you will be with this Swedish bad boy in your Garage!

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  1. And there is nothing in 2018 Taipei Game Show this year,maybe WOT should shut donw the office in Taipei………..@_@

  2. NA always gets the good stuff becuase of the small population of their servers. Sabatonks for EU maybe? Gotta milk those EU countries for euromonies. 🙁

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