WoT Supertest – Progetto M35 mod 46 (vol. 2)

Updated stats for the first italian prem tank. Of course they’re subject to change.

Tier: MT-8, Italy, premium
HP: 1400
Horsepower: 652 HP
Weight: 35 t
Max. weight: 40 t
Power-to-weight: 18.63 HP / t
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 55 / -20 km/h
Hull traverse: 41.72 °/s
Turret traverse: 37.55 °/s
View range: 390 m
Signal range: 570 m

Hull armor: 60 / 30 / 20
Turret armor: 80 / 40 / 25

Gun: Cannone da 90/50 T119E1

Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
Penetration: 212 / 259 / 45
Full reload time: 9.59 – 16.3 s || 10 / 13 / 17 s
Shell reload time: 2.5s
Clip size: 3
Accuracy: 0.32
Aim time: 2.01 s
Gun depression/elevation: -10 / +20

45 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Progetto M35 mod 46 (vol. 2)

  1. What is there so say? Yet another prem tank that people can spam prem ammo in to boost their wn8.

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  2. If they want us to use or lovely christmas ladies in it, it would be nice to know if it will come out before may (or was it march? I don\’t remember)…

    1. It was March and I think it was EU or NA that had a surprise premium for the third week of Feb so I would assume it would come then

    1. They want it to be worse than autoloaders when firing like one, and worse when single firing.
      The saving grace is supposed to be that it can do both.

      1. Well, if it was better in any one of the worlds (autoloader or single loader) it would just be power creep. This was it\’s just different and I for one like that approach.

        And yet I still think that concept is rather powerful and could become OP.

        Though with that pen and tier 9+10 enemies most of the time it\’s still tough.
        Another advantage: no unneeded armor which is useless against tier 9+10 anyway. Better be mobile. Aimtime sounds okay, we will see about the dispersion …

  3. Looks pretty interesting. But it needs an important italian Feature: To change the sides, if the own team is losing.

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              1. Another butthurt Italian spotted. Overusing lame joke was totally worth it.

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  4. Yea, about what I expected.

    Will be a almost certain purchase on release for me, have a huge soft spot for everything Italian.

  5. Now its a 3 round only autoloader? had 4 shells only yesterday!

    probably just 2 shells …… WG and there dumb nerf-hammer could laugh but its so sad

    still it cannot ever be as bad or shit as the soon new Tier 8 French auto-loader LT the \’Even whatever\’ can it?

    1. Dude, you are always complaining about OP premiums and stuff. Now they are trying to introduce a powerfull mechanic whilst handling it carefully and you are still complaining. They are showing that they still have some braincells to work with, so don\’t bitch about this one.

      Save it for the next time they fuck up…

      1. Never complained about OP Premiums here ~ so go bitch/ troll someone who actually gives a shit about anything you say , also get your dumb trolling facts right before you just make up shit on the fly

  6. Hmmm
    Shooting like a normal tank :
    6 rpm / 1540 dpm
    Shooting two shots:
    1614 dpm / 6.72 rpm
    Shooting 3 shots:
    1728 dpm / 7.2 rpm

    Well i really dont know what to think about this new autoreloader, the max dmg you can put out in 60 sec is 1680 dmg. This would mean you would fire 2 times 2 shots and then the third time all 3 shots. 7 shots per min is the absolut maximum you can get out of the tank, but then you cripple your dpm for the next 60sec. My guess is that it will be a very hard tank to master but you will not be completly defenseless for ages.

  7. The thing is that this is premium tank you will have to pay most likely around 40€ to get. If the tank isn\’t good there\’s not much point of getting it.

    For example Lorraine has good pen and decent alpha dmg. This thing has low alpha and not particularly good penetration. To make this thing worth getting it should then have some feature it excels in. DPM and gun handling OR gun handling and really good mobility would be my selections for this.

    But I\’m afraid that WG will continue current tier 8 meta where medium tanks can\’t be competitive to heavy tanks.

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