WoT ASIA: Australia Day Specials (ELC EVEN 90 to hit the premium shop)

G’day mates! It’s close to Aussie Day down under and we’re stoked to deliver some fair-dinkum missions as well as ripper deals on some true-blue you-beaut Australian tanks! (And a French too because let’s be honest, we never made enough of our own.)

Bountiful Bundles

The AC-1 Experimental and the newly released ELC Even 90 will be available in 3 tiers of packages – Standard, Supreme and Ultimate – each containing gold, boosters (and even some equipment in the ELC Ultimate bundle) while the good ol’ Sentinel will be available in Standard and Ultimate bundles.

The “White Kangaroo”

On top of that, for all the diggers who have already spent their Australia Day budget on snags and bevs, there’s a whole bunch of special missions and bonus XP up for grabs over the long weekend. Boosters will be awarded, in addition to a re-release of the iconic-Australian (and super rare) in-game emblem the ‘White Kangaroo’ – used by Australian soldiers during WW2 to identify captured tanks to the allies, chucking the emblem on your AC1 is the perfect way to celebrate Australia Day and get tanked while you’re at it! Keep an eye out for the portal on Australia Day itself, as The Chieftain will be sharing his thoughts on why the white kangaroo was such a special sight during the war.

A “White Kiwi” too!

For our mates across the ditch, we’ve even made a ‘White Kiwi’ emblem for you guys too so you can celebrate together with the Aussies as our forefathers would.

Make a date with us and JayRated!

The fun starts on January 26th and extends across the long weekend. Wargaming will be joining in on the party and streaming in the afternoon using our own AC-1 Sentinel. In command will be JayRated from the ANZ team, chatting with Jason from the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum to discuss both the Sentinel, the White Kangaroo and what it means to him. Be sure to catch the action here:

  • Event Start: 26 January, 2018 (3pm AEDT)
  • Event End: 26 January, 2018 (4pm AEDT)

WG ASIA twitch page