Object 705 armor to be fixed in 2nd Common Test

After the controversy of Object 705’s turret having insanely strong armor values reached its peak point, the global producer of World of Tanks, Alexey Ilyin (Алексей Ильин), has responded with this:

Translation: This is a bug, will fix in Common Test 2

Looks like WG cares about our opinion after all.


24 thoughts on “Object 705 armor to be fixed in 2nd Common Test

    1. You wonder why internal testing and super test exist if obvious “bugs” pass through them unnoticed.
      Also no mention of the Obj 257 invisible armor or the Obj 705 second turret not being connected to the hull?


      1. I find totally plausible that such a bug was not found earlier. The ingame stats do not show a 300/300/300 armor pattern for the stock turret, supertesters may not have played much with that turret nor tried shooting at its back, all sites like tanks.gg were not up-to-date (and Tank Inspector is pretty much dead).


        1. It is simple, they forgot to apply the correct number values to the turret, hence the 300 around armor, despite the game stats. I am a bit sad, cause it was hilarious playing with that turret


    1. dunno whats wrong with you people its a test server they are testing it.they know well what kind of tanks affects wot and what not.but bussiness is bussiness so if people keep playing they are doing ok.just take a break like 6 mo from wot then they will start fixing stuff when theres noone playing wot..

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    2. well, SerB would say: “working as intended!”

      but yeah, this armor scheme with the autobounce angles is just insanly strong and totally different (except Obj 907 and T-22) to the rest of the tanks. if they had made at least the turret sides a bit weaker, flanking could still work.

      compare Obj 705 turrets (the top turret) to 257s: 705 got around 160 mm effective armor on turret side. WZ 111-4 is similiar, but some points are even weaker (around 120mm). T-10 the same with 150-200 mm.

      and then you have Obj 257, whose turret sides are 240+ mm, meaninig even most tier 9 tanks have only a 50/50 chance of penning the 257 there. so even if you manage to get to the 257s sides or he turns the turret siedways (to shoot some other poor guy), you will most likely bounce if you dont use HEAT/APCR.

      totally balanced …


  1. If WG listened to the feedback they would’ve done something about 263 line changes. I usually defend WG, because they have a plan, they have the statistics and other stuff and usually they indeed know better, surprisingly enough. But now they completely ruined an interesting line when they actually could’ve just buffed lower tiers and add 268 v4 as an alternative to the “YOLO wagon” on tier 10. It’s just dumb.


    1. “they have statistics”

      Yeah, just like they are saying that only 5% of the shells used are premiumshells. I’m currently grinding the French light tanks and half of the shells I receive are goldrounds.

      If you have statistics, but don’t know how to read them, It’s kinda useless.


      1. I also liked the statement about Type 4/5 being perfectly fine and balanced. I hope that after 1.0 is released WG will put all the trash in one bag and do something with it.


        1. Yes, that’s my favorite statement, after the ‘TVP can easily beat Defender’-statement. I also like that they say that the Type 4/5 is hard to play.

          Those developers are a bunch of ignorant fucktards. They’d rather be stupid than listen to the feedback of their CC’s.


          1. but you must be brainless bot I guess. Check the stats of Type 4/5, what average dmg they do and what other the same tier heavys do damage. Nothing special, the armor is poor on these Types, for me is not a big deal to penetrate it and I always happy to see in enemy team Type 4/5 cause it’s a free dmg, he can do 1 shot, I do minimum 2 shots at the same time with heavy tank or even 3 shots with medium. It’s slow, gun handling is terrible. Yeh, sometimes it do lucky shots, but that’s a very rare, british deathstarr or shitbar is more dangerous shots, but nobody cry about it.


      2. The 5% could be true. But those numbers are useless thx to the autocannons on low tiers. Play one ap only round with pz 1 c and you can spam gold all day long on high tiers and still have only shot 5% gold. 😉


  2. “Looks like WG cares about our opinion after all.”

    What the actual fuck is up with all the salt and bullshit embedded at the end of the articles and news items? I appreciate what you guys are doing but keep to providing the actual content and cut the crap with personal opinions and wiseass remarks. Keep it professional for fucks sake.

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  3. I mean it’s not about opinions, it’s obvious that it was a bug, broken armor models happened many times before. You’d have to be completely retarded to believe it was intentional-oh wait, the majority of this playerbase is retarded.

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    1. The real issue is not about the bug imo, bugs will appear and will continue appearing in every game. The real issue is that WG has a number of supertesters who supposedly go through through many testing sessions in order to find out about those exact bugs. While PTS is also a place to check bugs etc, something so simple as a stock turret on a tank having insane values should be visible from the first supertester tests. Of course this could be explained by supertesters playing with only the top turret, which could show they didnt even bother to run the tank with stock config.


    2. After the “Type 5 is hard to play” and “leopard is borderline OP” statements from WG devs, I wouldn’t put my trust in them when it comes to stuff like this.
      Don’t forget WG’s motto for 2017: If it ain’t broken, brake it!


  4. So the Global Producer confirms an obvious bug and we are happy again. The community have a controversy with a peak point about an obvious bug I not even bother to waste my time with.

    Meanwhile we have still all the other changes in the pipelines.


  5. If they actually cared about our opinion, they would buff the other tanks that really need buffs before ever buffing the T-44 AGAIN.

    Mother Russia fucks all other tanks, balanced, aye.


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