WoT EU: Bonds: The Grand Hunt Stage 1 over

The First stage is over, and your collected Bonds have been multiplied by 30. The Bonds vault is now open, here’s your chance to get your slice of the cake!

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There are 279,858,200 bonds up for grabs.

Stage II: Reaping the prize pool

When the first three days expire, the even better part begins. Every day, you’ll be receiving 2 battle missions:

  1. Play 15 battles per day, where you reach the Top 10 in your team. Fulfilling this task will grant you 100.
  2. Earn 13,000 base XP points daily. This one’s more complicated, but guarantees 150 in your account at the end of the day.

Overall, you’ll have a chance to earn 250 Bonds on a daily basis, until the event comes to a close. When does it happen? That totally depends on your efficiency during the first stage. The Grand Hunt has no strict end date: the more Bonds the community puts into the prize pool, the more days you’ll have to deplete it.

The only strict requirement The Grand Hunt will have is that only vehicles of Tier VI and above will be allowed to enter the event.

The crucial factor here is to remain active and persistent throughout the whole event and enjoy a well-deserved reward. So, hop in and join the chase!


Good luck getting the upgraded equipment!

31 thoughts on “WoT EU: Bonds: The Grand Hunt Stage 1 over

      1. Lol that\’s not a troll, just a guy giving his opinion.. u should stop crying for no reason James

  1. Glad WG are helping support the unemployed and those without a life with the 15 games per day target. In the evenings I can manage maybe 10 games before nodding off.

  2. Grinding the tanks was dull but understandable. Grinding bonds is too much to stomach. At least you don\’t have to play gold spamming tier X\’s so there\’s that.

    Still, this is 1h30m/day absolute minimum to get a maximum of 250 bonds/day. These days I manage 20m tops before alt+f4.

    I don\’t really know where they\’re going with this… so new players are supposed to go up against these steroided out equipment tanks? Will they make bonds easier and easier to get in the future? How long until we see bonds in premium shop? Why do I still care?

    1. Bonds – another nail in WOT\’s coffin. GJ WG! Kill this mofo game, kill it to attract 0.3 percent gamer crowd of unicums, same people who in the name of all important stats sealclub and repel
      future participants. Now with super-equipment it\’s even easier!

      WG is just pure marketing genius.

      1. Of course, the pink f***ers had to take their Object 907s out just to f**k the tier 8 MM even more. Most pathetic mission ever. Normal players don\’t give a single f**k about bonds, but morons like QB and other salty bitches would sell their own parents just to get that extra 2,5% out of equipment and directives. Hell, he even uses improved equipment on the test server and then says that you can boost the DPM of a tank to that amount. NO, 99% of the players don\’t have bonds, and probably never will. Braindead mission!

        1. lol the amount of salt here is so funny ^^, just get better noob or gtfo to minecraft or some other incompetent game where your lack of thinking and skill is not a problem to you… and stop crying when someone is better in this game than you..it\’s so pathetic and childlish what some of you comment here..

          1. This game is 100% all about skill eh??….Yeah you need some basic understanding about view mechanics and map knowledge,and ofc you got to have good situational awareness,but how much do 25% RNG and p2w aspects like OP premium meta tanks and gold spamming really affect the game?

          2. Cause all the uniCUMs need skill to press 2. Actually, i think they moved the premium ammo on the first space, so they don\’t even need to press 2 key. Not all good players are like that, but many of them are.

      2. Absolutely to the pount.
        Allthough i am by no means a pro or a tomato (2350 WN8 and taking it easy),i despise tjose fcking clan tryheards,who think that WN8 is their internet penis they have to enlarge.So they cant afford bouncing a single shot,they cant afford losing that third mark,they cant afford losing a single WN8 point,they cant afford letting a single new player damage or god forbid kill them,killing all fun of the game,all for the sake of stats.And the worst part is that WG is patronizing them,and giving them premium equipment to do it

        1. If you don\’t like competitive games, then leave lmao loser
          Candy Crush is always there for you

        2. It\’s a COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER GAME, my dude. Of course there will be casuals and tryhards. If you don\’t like it then just stick to singleplayer games. Right now I\’m doing NG+7 pure caster run in DS3, for example.

          1. There you go,this one is just another of these retard try hards.He probably thinks that \”push 2 button twice and spamm heavys with gold\”, needs brain to accomplish.

          2. Oh,and i am competitive as F*CK too,and not exactly bad in this game,but still trying to be relaxed about bouncing a couple shots,or losing a couple games.People who go full gold CW setup in randoms to boost their \”numbers\”, got issues.

            1. Some people just like to win and they will use the most effective means possible to achieve that. Different people may like different things in life. Shocking, I know.

              1. I think,beeing competitive myself,almost eveybody wants to win.Question is how hard you gonna try,how much time or money you gonna invest,and how much of a sportsman you gonna be.

  3. The better question is whether or not WG will even still use the bonds currency after the ranked mode either sinks or swims. I\’m sure they thought they were being generous by letting us get a couple bonds for good games, and extra generous for arranging events like this one, but even 250 bonds a day will only yield fruit after multiple weeks of solid grinding. The only sensible option remains to simply wait it out until improved equipment and directives are sold for credits.

    1. I wonder whether the devs are getting any positive feedback on this bonds and improved equipment situation. And if not, why are they ignoring the major sh*tstorm.

      In the past, negative outcry made difference, the clown camo tanks are usually offered now in regular camo, the god-awful new circus camos can be turned off (although not the original clown camo). So, they can listen. Clan players and unicums are less than 1%, why give them so much weight and cater the game to their needs?

  4. Probably the Most Stupid Shit since Mankind…

    Seriously, this was an odd move from WarGaming and I think this will pave their way to total Shit.

    Besides that, only the WoT department of WG performs such bullshit, the Studios for WoWP, WoWS managed to create a Game not Full of Bots, Uneducated Shitheads, P2W drivers, Newbies who are unable to test their Skill because Sealclubb and WG teaching methods are Real…

    Inbefore P2W win, In-Game Premiums are without a doubt underperforming, compared to tier 9.5 Defender, Patriot Liberte is okayish.

    Please stop playing for a while, will help to gain \’feedback\’ and a normal life.

  5. Garbage. Another complicated layer to an already overcomplicated game.

  6. Garbage. Another complicated layer to an already overcomplicated game.

  7. Garbage. Another complicated layer to an already overcomplicated game.

  8. Garbage. Another complicated layer to an already overcomplicated game.

  9. Garbage. Another complicated layer to an already overcomplicated game.

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