Object 705 broken armor video (Common Test)

Thanks to RagingRaptor for sending this in.


32 thoughts on “Object 705 broken armor video (Common Test)

    1. The problem here is, even if the test clearly shows to anyone who’s sane enough to understand the game that the armor is too thicc, there is still that chance that WG will still push on and release it in game.
      Only to either have it nerfed after some few months or years because players complained.

      We’ve seen it happen before with some tanks, and seriously, some people are getting tired of that system. I’m not disagreeing with you, yes the purpose of the test is to make balances before it releases, but we’ve seen WG push on releasing broken tanks despite testers and players saying its broken during tests.


    1. It’s not though is it. The M53/55 went live with the turret not connected to the hull, and not just slightly removed, you could drive through the gap.


  1. Make one about the Object 257 as well, it’s got better armour than the IS-7.

    To tell you the truth WG shifted into full retard russian bias mode with this patch, I hope they will nerf the armour on the new tanks before release.

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      1. Yeah, they really like to stroke their russian egos. They still probably masturbate to images of Stalin in Russia, thinking he was a good leader and not a dictator with massive paranoia.


    1. I honestly think they just need to reduce the rof a little more. the whole point is that it’s a ridiculously fast TD with lots of armor but a meh gun for a TD

      I like it TBH


  2. there was a British heavy tank that had more armor on the back of the turret than the front…….don’t know is that still in game or was it fixed-changed

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  3. I looked at the 705 closer. There is NO reason to use the upgrade turret if it stays like this. Just 10 view range and 100 health. Plus the 130mm gun, but the 122 is more accurate, faster aiming, and has more DPM. Regardless of which turret. So…yeah LOL


    1. Just wanna point out you can basically compare that 130mm to the is-7 gun. It’s literally the same in almost every aspect. So what the fuck is the point of upgrading eh? None.


  4. It’s just a test server bug, and obviously the tank won’t stay like this. If showing off an unfinished tank on the common test server is their biggest mistake of 2018 then WG must have a good year ahead of them…

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  5. by the looks of it the obj 257 gets an inpenetrable hull while the 705 gets an inpenetrable turret, the combination of the two will make a perfect tier 8 premium tank, i guess

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  6. The Obj 705 also doesn’t have or can’t have emblems (no soviet stars!) no inscriptions, the base paints don’t work on it, only the camouflage patterns can be seen on it


  7. Jeez man GET A LIFE! its a common test you TEST things there
    its not a screw up its a test ………
    man o man

    spent hours doing that dumb nobody asked for research on the test server, why?
    probably to boost his YouTube channel
    fuck sake go outside and get some fresh air meet some actual real people go for a walk even


    1. Dude, that’s the point of a test server… Doing test and looking for issue. It’s like beta game, they aren’t just some demo.
      You must be really naive to think that’s something normal even in a common test for a company of the size of WG…

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  8. And thats where u wrong Kiddo – its the common test so the supertesters who are hthere to do the whole vehicle testing and balance should have found this already and reported it – need i remind you about the T110E5 cupola ? =)they will milk our gold/free xp first and then they nerf it later – as usual

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