World of Warships Supertest – New map “Giant”

Source: WoWS Facebook page

Do you like leaks? ⚓
Tell us what you think of this Super Test 0.7.1 beauty!


9 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest – New map “Giant”

      1. Then you may take a look at Hong Kong. There are basalt columns up to 3m in diameter (avg.1.2m) and 100m in height, covering an area of over 100km2 (above and under water).
        Yes they can just be that huge.

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      2. In respect, we play a game where the ships are actually larger. You’r supposed to fit four Bismarck’s between two ships 1km apart, but in this game, you can only fit in two Bismarcks between two ships 1km apart lol

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      3. If you can show me anything in WOWS that is actually to the correct scale I will see your point as valid, but there is next to nothing to the correct scale. If you look at it the ships are well over a kilometer long and the houses are a few hundred feet in size when compared to the distance on the water.


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