WG Employee: Micropatches won’t break mods as often

A Wargaming employee has recently said this in WoT RU Forums:


I have good news: we changed something in the pipelines of preparing micro-patches, and now (I hope) we will start new folders less often, because micro-patches as a whole affect mods less. From time to time, we still have to do this, but at least not as often as it was in 9.20.1.

Tell us what you think about this in the comments below.


26 thoughts on “WG Employee: Micropatches won’t break mods as often

    1. Probably impossible to do, modders will still find a way, from model changes to cheat mods.

      And i would stop using XVM if WG let me use custom six sense pictures, I need my shocked anime gril.


      1. You can disable badges if people focus you because of them. You can leave a clan if people focus you because of your clan tag. You cannot opt out of XVM no matter what.


  1. Really neat Imo. It means less work for QB adjusting xvm. Btw I’m not usually doing this but go check out his last video called cheat streaming or sth similar. He is suggesting very nice ideas about making wot in low tiers a lot more pleasent experience which may lead to attracting a lot of new players to the game. This is what wot needs and will be an awesome addition to 1.0 (the biggest update ever) as now the game is officially released and not in an alfa/beta/gamma test stage


    1. Yeah…right, many PL players use illegal mods. To compensate for their lacking performance on the EU servers….which is clearly evident in every match on every tier.


    2. PL in team: Insults, map spamming, teamkill, push teammates. WN8 80% Of PL players are red.

      PL after game in chat: insults, threats and imbecile attacks.

      PL In general chat: insults, spamming, speaking Polish.

      So no, I don’t like PL.


  2. Hah, I am the prison just like you are a part of “them”, the same ones that crashed the towers, and made it turn into ash in an hour…the same ones that invaded jerome and never told you bout the skeletons on the moon…


  3. Sounds more like wishful thinking than something they can deliver on. They can’t just decide that mod affecting bits will never or rarely get changed. It would be like predicting which bits of a 20 year old car would not break.


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