Patch 9.22 – Research cost of the new Soviet vehicles

Source: Rykoszet

  • IS-M (HT-8): 58 000   2 550 000;
  • Object 705 (HT-9): 144 900   3 570 000;
  • Object 705A (HT-10): 162 300   6 100 000;
  • Object 257 (HT-9): 142 700   3 560 000;
  • Object 430 (MT-9): 142 950   3 460 000;
  • Object 430U (MT-10): 287 000   6 100 000;
  • Object 268 Version 4 (TD-10): 215 300   6 100 000

Important: this is the cost of researching the vehicles themselves and doesn’t include purchases within the tech tree tree (guns, turrets, etc.). Depending on the vision of the developers, these numbers may change.


15 thoughts on “Patch 9.22 – Research cost of the new Soviet vehicles

    1. yeah it’s very expensive even for a tier 10, but that must be because the tank before has cheap modules, for example the amx-30B costs only 180k xp because the modules of the amx-30 prototype cost a fortune, it’s a simmilar situation for the panzewagen, it’s very expensive because the ru-251 comes with the top gun and turret as stock.


  1. This “”cheap”” XP total means that there will likely be a high cost of XP or FXP in order to elite them.
    With IS-M for instance, probably 2 guns to unlock before turret and BL9/equivalent will be open from previous line grinds.


    1. because they are probably not sure yet of the tanks it will be, for the t-10 i’d say it will 90% be the object 277 (basicaly a t-10 with a new turret for a 130mm m-65 gun), but for the object 430 II i have absolutely no idea, it worries me a bit


      1. Actually I have found a tank that could go there it is called the K1 krucsavek (I don’t know how to spell kruscavec) but it looks like a rear turreted version of a T54 not like the 416 it has a higher silohette but i have only found one picture with no stats but it could be a candidate


  2. Right now I have a clan mate who is going to be very bummed out if he doesn’t get the IS-7 before the change. Easy to say to grind faster but I’m from a clan of mostly working-class middle-aged men who have lives and budgets. I’m thinking of gifting him the gold to free up the needed XP.


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