37,138 new Type 59s sold on Holiday Ops (EU)

WG had a very successful New Year event, because they made a ton of money. Lucky players got the Type 59, just 37,138 lucky ones on the EU server.

Source: WG EU mail to players titled „37,138 new Type 59s hit the battlefield!”



17 thoughts on “37,138 new Type 59s sold on Holiday Ops (EU)

      1. Same way they made tons of money by indirectly selling rare ships like Imperator Nikolai and Gremy from santa crates. SerB is swimming in cash right now.


      1. 10x AC-1 sentinel, 1x T26E5 and 1x 40T but my 50 “First” box only.
        Others box = nothing.

        And WoWarplane box (just 50) sent me : 357 000 xp free (wowp/wot), 14 premiums planes (and golds/premium account day)

        But finally i’ve :
        +69 000 golds, +8.5M credits. 25 tank space and 348 premiums days (+ lvl 10 “tree events”).


  1. 37.138 new Type 59 gold spamming noobs IMO. I often see these on the battlefield and several has users under 1000 battles/wn8 under 100 etc
    So thank you WG.

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          1. Agreed, I rarely use Prem ammo in it, only if I face something hard, 181 pen is amongst the best for pref MM tier 8’s. I like the tank and perform well in it, but find it hard to win games. 2500 WN8 but only 50% win rate.

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  2. What will noobs do with a type 59 anyways, they don’t even understend its strenghts and draw backs on the battlefield. It is funny hos many players that actually don’t know how to play (most players that has under 55% and shooting gold are knoobs accoring to myself and should be sent to the cap)….

    Long story short, they should have won a wheelchair instead of a rare iconic tank.


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