WoT SERVER ISSUES (EU) – 27/12/2017

Currently we are experiencing issues with the servers.

Developers are working to restore the full availability of the game.

Additionally you may experience issues, where gold and free experience balance is not available.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Wargaming Support Team


10 thoughts on “WoT SERVER ISSUES (EU) – 27/12/2017

  1. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

    Oh, don’t worry, I will accept your apologies if it’s a year of premium time, 30k+ gold and a reward tier 10 tank, preferably the Death Star. Otherwsie? [CENSORED]


  2. And over on the RU servers in WOT paradise that is Russia ~ they have at last count over 30 RU Servers!
    yeah yeah biggest WOT player base we know .

    but! who pays for Wargame new building in Cyprus, and there 4000+ employee’s?
    it the EU servers (all 2 of them, geez push boat out or what.

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    1. EU1 and EU2 are clusters not servers. That mean certain single EU cluster may be more powerful than some 2 or more RU clusters. We dont know if each cluster is symetrical and consists of same number of servers (probably not)
      But obviously there are people out there thinking that EU1 and EU2 are something like their desktop computers at home. For such people WG should split their EU clusters to EU1-100 and display that in login screen, because higher the number the better – like vote-for-my-fucking-political-party logic, because I will offer you low taxes and high social security at the same time motherf@ckers!!!

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      1. *something like there desktop computers* lol? well lets just call “some people” stupid’s then shall we ~ cannot believe you wrote that! I believe that 99% of TAP readers know the difference between SERVERS and computers ‘like at home’


  3. I am sure that I am not the only one who lost premium time (yeah that was a few cents..lol) and had personal reserves activated. And after trying to get back in the game for over 10 minutes I finally gave up and went and did something more fun like watching paint dry. So, my personal reserves and premium time were wasted due to WG technical issues. Now, if this were NA instead of EU, I wonder what type of reimbursement/bonus we would be getting as a “sorry” from WG-NA? What do you expect from WG-EU?


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