T-34-85 RUDY – 14.79 € – Advent Calendar Day 15


The Polish legend makes a comeback and is eager for some action! Get this legendary and well-received medium tank together with an exceptionally experienced crew!

Speaking of Crew, all the tankers on this vehicle correspond to their originals from the series, including Szarik the dog! A truly unique package!


10 thoughts on “T-34-85 RUDY – 14.79 € – Advent Calendar Day 15

  1. well, as good as the Rudy is, when WG buffed the T-34-85M, they made some mistakes. DPM is now significantly better (as the brought the alpha to the level of techtree T-34-85, but “forgot” to bring the reload down to that lavel).

    so now you have the T-34-85M that has better frontal hull armor, better DPM (15% better …) and only is a bit less mobile. and you lose 5m viewrange …

    only thing the Rudy can do better: train crews for tier 10 russian MTs, as the layout fits exactly.

    all in all the Rudy is still a very good tank and can earn you some decent creds. sure, you get to see tier 8s quite a lot, but with a little bit of APCR you can handle even those.


  2. I love my Rudy and I have the T-34-85M, great tanks your right about everything, but you left one thing out. The crew is great for going up that line but beware. The loader is your radio operator till tier X. The commander is the RO for the Rudy and Tier X.


  3. It seems that the Type 59 is “kind of” on sale. If you get luck(?) you get them in the decoration bundles, I bout a pack of 11 and got a type 🙂


      1. one guy was bragging about it in general chat today……but when I looked his stats it didn’t show in his tank list…….then I asked him to invite me in platoon and queue in with his type…….and he made all kind of excuses and went silent


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