HD Pilsen Video

Its size has been increased from 800 × 800 to 1000 × 1000 m.


6 thoughts on “HD Pilsen Video

  1. If WG had as many Maps as there seems like 100’s over the years these teaser ‘super test or HD flyovers’ actually in the game (that’s “actual” not show once throw away never seen in game)

    then there would easily be TWICE as many Maps in WOT

    and the sheer boredom of playing the same old same old and go to same place as always, as yesterday now today endless meme of shit old corridor Maps ~ would be solved in a single stroke,
    really that easy.

    But No

    WG Dev’s know what’s best as there ALWAYS right,
    they KNOW what’s best for us contrary to what we players “think we want” as were always wrong

    So we get just 28 actual unique Maps in the game (go count them
    we see maybe 10 Maps per Server a day

    because ……. the players are just 1000’s of dumb headless chickens
    we know nothing, fuck all

    thank god for WG to show us the way ~ there way. alleluia!


    1. Eh ? If I am not wrong then Pilsen is located somewhere in Czech Republic not USA, I mean seriously Hetzer factory in middle of USA ?


      1. Yes, its somewhere here. And in any way Pilsen it far from being an abandoned toxic dump nearby the river, as the russian fags think indrustrial city should look like. Only an idiot would place a high-tech factory (for that time) into such a surrounding.
        Jeřábku za tohle zasluhuješ nakopat do koulí a permanentní sračku kdykoliv jen přičichneš k našemu pivu!!!


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