WoT – Micropatch 0.9.21_NY

All is known for now. Tomorrow, Xmas Operations are starting. EU:

The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 15.12.2017 from 04:00 – 04:45 CET due to this update.

Roll out!

Your Customer Service Team


10 thoughts on “WoT – Micropatch 0.9.21_NY

    1. Every single post I read here how T8mm is not working. But its not true. It works exactly how WG wants. With new mm after 9.18 you chance to fight against T6 droped from 33,333% chance to 10%. All 3/5/7 non sence could ONLY work if you have twice as much tanks on lower tier than you are play. so it mean you have to have 1024 T1 battles on 1 T10 game. So it means if T8 is most played tier you must be bottom all the time. Thats main reason why this game ended for me after patch 9.18.

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      1. What you say is not fully correct.
        The first iteration of 9.18 was different from what we have now, because of different template priorities. Back then tier 10 had lower priority of being put/getting into a 3-5-7 match up and saw much more single and 5-10 battles vs today.
        This resulted in tier 8 also seeing less bottom tier games, so for them more diversity in templates and b/m/t positioning.

        Some geographical part of the world did not like that their tier 10’s were seeing SO many single/5-10 tiered battles. Thus template priorities were then changed fin the next patch, increasing 3-5-7 template for tier 10!
        And this results in what you described: more tier 10 as the 3 top tiers, mean more tier 8’s needed to fill the bottom….

        Voila, we here also have the solution.

        See patch notes of 9.19 for info:

        Under point 9:
        Changes to the Matchmaker:
        We made some changes to the matchmaker to decrease the number of one- and two-tier battles in favor of the 3/5/7 system.

        -The number of one- and two-tier battles will decrease in favor of the 3/5/7 system. The change will be noticeable at high battle levels (vehicle tiers: VIII to X).
        -Most three-tier battles will be created according to the basic 3/5/7 pattern


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