WoT – Holiday Ops


17 thoughts on “WoT – Holiday Ops

    1. I have a bad feeling about it since now you can unlock tank discounts with the festive levels and this could mean we aren’t going to get regular tank discounts this year.


      1. Except, when you “purchase” a virtual good there is no real value returning to you, as I said it’s a virtual good.
        And yes it is promoting gambling. It’s basically as if it’s written on it: “The more you buy the higher the chance of getting a Type 59 in one of them”


        1. are you offended by them promoting gambling (actually not gambling but…)? You mention it twice, and it seems that you have an issue with that. Please explain….Also, every church or high school fund raiser has you buy raffle tickets. The more you buy, the more chances you have to win…..Is that gambling in your eyes?


      1. Well 2.3 sec. aimtime and rough 20 percent better softstats wont make it really much better. Its a diffrence from “worse” to “just a slightly less worse”.


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