TAP Insider News

-E25 will arrive to Advent Calendar this year;

-WoWP will get an ASIA server;

-T-10M will be moved to a new line, WG tries to figure out what to put at tier 10;

-WZ-111 Alpine Tiger won’t come to the other servers;


21 thoughts on “TAP Insider News

  1. “-WZ-111 Alpine Tiger won’t come to the other servers;”

    What the fuck is this bullshit? Asia got a Tier 8 tank marathon, NA got 3 Tier 8 tanks marathon. EU gets nothing. Wake up you lazy cunts in Paris and give us a Tier 8 tank marathon!

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      1. I don’t miss those as they were obtainalbe only by purchasing them as far as I know and no matter how much I enjoyed the Valkyria Chronicles games, I don’t want them in WoT.

        The main point of my comment was that while 2 servers got a Tier 8 tank Marathon recently EU got nothing like that.

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    1. I would not be surprised if they did appear tbh. But I doubt they will. But M41 GF, 13 57 and Defender were “blocked for sale” for a time to come. GF due to the LT changes, and the fact that they are both better then equal tiers atm as top tiers. And Defender due to “we made a mistake”. So I doubt you will see them again until the meta changes.

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  2. M41 90 GF and Defender in the calendar would be nice. The T92’s gun seems just garbage, worst pen at tier 8, but the BatChat 12t at least gets an autoloader. I know it’s supposed to scout, but you should be able to do some dmg and the gun is just a massive pile of crap.


  3. (sigh) another Soviet HT line…why? I guess must have 3 tier 10 MT and 3 tier 10 HT, plus the 260, plus the 777 (should it ever show), plus probably 25 other tanks…..


    1. No, keep IS-4 as tier 10 and buff it if needed. It starts to become really annoying that players invest months to grind a line and then WG suddenly arrives and trololol herpaderp now you get something different. Well thank you WG, X months wasted for a cat in a bag.


  4. Only issue with is4 is the gun handling, traverse and gun depression, the armor is actually pretty good when people are firing AP. I hope they won’t buff the armor making it even harder to pen with AP. Is4 can’t be penned by majority of tier 8 tanks and some tier 9 struggle to pen it frontaly even. Again, gold ammo and power creep is an issue.


  5. Why fix E25 size and camo? Just slap it onto the store to pull some cash and break tier 5-7 further.
    Belarussian mind must be on holiday AGAIN..


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