WoT: Latin American Server Being Tested


The server IP is: wotna4.login.wargaming.net

And it’s located in São Paulo – Brazil.

South american players can now rejoice at the lower ping values. We don’t know where the server is located yet. Will keep you updated. Note: it’s just a test, everything can change in the future.

Info from the official forum thread in Spanish:

The main point to improve that we heard from the WoT community was the high latency of the game, also known as high ping, which causes the much-hated lag. Continuing and reinforcing our commitment to improve the quality of World of Tanks for all our players in Latin America, on November 29 we will implement test servers. We know that the problems with connection to the server and latency are a matter of great concern for the community, which makes our work to solve this problem become more urgent and necessary.

As the name indicates, these servers will check a number of important factors so that Wargaming has full knowledge about the challenges and problems of the Latam region. This is also a good opportunity for our players to experience World of Tanks with low latency.

In order for this system to work optimally, the test servers will operate at specific times of the day and players in the region can access it as soon as they connect to the game. Another important fact is that the test servers will not change the way players evolve in World of Tanks: all the XP and the Credits received in the test servers will be obtained in the same way. The only noticeable change will be in the latency during the fighting.

How will it work?

– Launch of the Beta Servers: November 29 at 1:00 pm in Chile.
– Who can access? Players of World of Tanks (PC) of South America. (Note: it seems to be region locked)
– Initial operating time: from 10 in the morning to 1 in the morning of the next day (Chile time).
– This daily operating time may vary according to the results obtained over time.

Since this is a test phase errors and interruptions can occur, so we ask for your patience until everything is solved. We also want you to remain demanding and inform us of any errors. We are always open to opinions in the Official Forum.

When we have more information to share with you we will communicate. After the recent changes we had in the prices of the World of Tanks packages, resolving the connection problems is our new goal!