New Flags and Replaced Flags in 0.6.14 – WoWS

5 New additional Flags have been added to the client for 0.6.14


Flags New 0.6.14

Akureyri – This flag features the coat of arms of Akureyri, a town in northern Iceland. Akureyri was one of three air bases used by the Norwegian-British No. 330 Squadron RNoAF. I suspect some game event will occur to celebrate an event involving this squadron.

Duke of York – Premium Flag for the upcoming birish premium Battleship Duke of York, which has an upcoming campaign dedicated to the ship in 0.6.15

Roma – Premium Flag for premium T8 Battleship Roma

Salem – Reward Flag tied to the T10 Reward American Cruiser, not sure how one goes about getting the flag, (or the ship for that matter) probably a mission.

Pan-Asia – This is the controversial Flag Wargaming has decided to implement on all pan-asian ships, replacing all national flags the pan-asian DDs use to have equipped to them.

Replaced Flags:

Flag Rework 0.6.14
The Blueprint Flags have all been replaced. They previously depicted the Iron Duke, tied to a set of mission that allowed players early access to the ship before the British BB tech tree was released. The ship depicted in the new flags is uncertain, clearly russian, but the exact vessel is unclear, the closest similarity is Stalingrad, all though some details are off for that ship as well.



6 thoughts on “New Flags and Replaced Flags in 0.6.14 – WoWS

      1. The only potential French BB with a 3×3 configuration is the T9 Alsace, if they decide to give it 406mm guns as well as the current 3×4 380mm option.

        So it’s not a flag made exclusively for French BBs.

        They might simply just have made a generic flag for all later uses, using the classic 3×3 BB design.


  1. That thing has 2 funnels and 3×3 layout Although I doubt that they will allow people to get Stalingrad fresh out of the box, it is the one it fits more or less The superestructure is kinda like the Donskoi but it has a bulk thing ahead of the biggest tower
    Weird as hell
    Hyped for Roma tho, such a beauty


  2. Akureyri: the flag for upcoming Ranked Battle Season 8, and will be rewarded to Rank 1 players.
    3 red blueprints: the flags for 3 consecutive Clan Battles, and will be rewarded to Top League clans; all 3 flags will be exchanged for Stalingrad, Soviet T10 “premium cruiser” for Top League clans.


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