9.21 – ST-I Armor Changes

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12 thoughts on “9.21 – ST-I Armor Changes

  1. Because the ST-1 is paper and deserved armor buffs more than any tank in the game. GJ WG, nice balancing. Now I’m going to buy like another $1000 of premium tanks to grind more credits to spam more gold in the superheavy meta.


    1. You’re doing it wrong, if you buy a prem tank you can use it more than once…no need to keep buying more when you can farm credits with one. You’re a very strange little boy. If you fail to even understand that then basic game mechanics are way beyond you and I’m afraid that 44% winrate is going to be your plateau.


  2. well, to me it seems like a buff to the UFP (+10mm), but from the pictures the angle seems to have changed a bit as well.

    according to tanks.gg the angle has really changed and is now steeper (by ca. 3°). so its a slight nerf to UFP which costs you about 10mm effective armor.

    and the pictures above seem a bit wrong for the old model. the drivers hatch is already modeled steeper than UFP on live server (about 23° angle frontally), with new model its 27°. this buffs armor there by roughly 6mm up to 225mm. before tier 8 meds had slight chances of penetrating, which is now worse.

    the shape of the turret has changed as well, it now seems a bit taller but the cupola got buffed due to a little more angle on the other side, bringing it to 240mm EA and 265mm when hulldown with max gund depression.

    the LFP is still butter with only roughly 185mm effective when straight on and even with angling only 200mm (while UFP stays at ca. 265mm)


  3. “IS-4 needs improving somehow, what should we do?”

    Buff IS-7 loads!!!!! Buff ST-I front plate to be thicker than IS-4’s!!!! Make ST-I lower plate smaller!!!


  4. Noobs, if you look at the actual model on tanks.gg before claiming russian bias with your poor Type4/5 (only high tier you have in your garage) stats, you would see that ST-I hull and turret is nerfed. Now there are more prominent weakspots, upper front plate is effective 230 (used to be 240), cupolla is more bigger and 230-240 on the most part (used to be smaller and thicker). Considering the recent buffs to the Conq (turret armor and retarded -10 gun depression) and introduction of the French heavies, and pairing ST-I gun handling with its weaker armor now, ST-I from once the best tier 9 HT (alongside E75) falls behind on the weakest among them (alongside M103). Which is really sad, I used to love playing that tank grinding to IS-4, and now there’s even less incentive to grind the KV line as all top tier tanks (KV4, ST-I and IS-4) are heavily powercreeped to the point they feel like bottom tier even when top tier.


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