WoT 9.21 – Tank personalization 1.0

The first details of so-called “personalization 1.0” have been announced.

  • New feature – Customization 1.0 (2D), which allows players to do their own camouflage to their tanks. (The “Customization 2.0” will most likely feature 3D objects)
  • Interface changed in the “Appearance” tab: added subcategories like effects and paint
  • You can paint 5 elements of the tank: turret, gun, hull, mantlet and suspension
  • The custom skin will increase camouflage of the tank
  • It will be possible to buy camouflage for certain amount of limited time like current camo schemes
  • Yes, it is possible to paint tanks in pink!
  • Added an effect option, “aging effect”
  • In first tests, tier VIII – X vehicles can be painted in custom camouflages
  • Like promised, there will be option to disable “non-historical” skins, also including things like “Liberte” skin of the AMX M4 49.
  • Each custom paint scheme will be clearly signed as either non-historical or historical
  • It is possible to scale camouflage (increase or decrease)
  • This feature is scheduled to arrive in December with patch 9.21