Supertest: Fjords HD Video & Pictures


03:16 – Ultra settings.


7 thoughts on “Supertest: Fjords HD Video & Pictures

  1. Where the hell are the cover stones and foliage on that field? They are essential to make it possible for tanks to get around.

    Stop using Agent Orange on all the maps Wargaming, it’s making the game worse.


  2. Oh yeah, sure, make the whole north side of the map into another no man’s land, sure. Just exactly another thing we need for the game.


  3. Their map designer is either a retard or someone who has never took a design class, fracking nothing but fields of dead, empty space. I’m too lazy to work on the map, so let us make 90% of the map empty unplayable space.


  4. Gotta say, graphics wise the new engine does stuns me with all the beautiful scenes….though the changes this this map…

    Who the (excuse my language)…**** in the map rework project or management, thought it was a ‘good idea’ to open up the field area in that manner? The projects lead with approval of the product owner?

    Can this company and the dweebs pulling the strings, in all honesty be taken serious anymore?


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