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Note: this is not our insider, so we cannot confirm the news listed below.

Unofficial sources claim that most likely advanced 2D customization will be either just tested this year, or straightforward implemented into 9.21. WG had a working prototype for some time, allowing changing the color and size of various elements. Camo patterns will also be modifiable, however fans of pink tanks might be disappointed. Additionally, later the option to display ‘historical camo’ (like in WoWS) will be added, much to the joy of people with clown camo tanks. The second thing implemented will be 3D customization, so basically what War Thunder has since times uncountable.

Also, coming in December is the Advent Calendar, and a New Year event. Things to be debated on are further rebalances of vehicles and of course new tanks (maybe Polish ones included). Supposedly another round of the HD Sandbox wil be opened before the holidays.


8 thoughts on “Insider News

  1. I hope they dont give players the options to mount added armor, making AP ammo even more useless than it alreaddy is. Pay2win armor it will be, fuck that.


      1. WG are full of shit as usual, their goal is to break the game and then “fix” it with premium features. Not a single good balancing act has been made the last 3 years, most changes has been dumb and pay2win.


        1. The best for the balance would be to remove gold ammo and arty and redo ALL tank balance and introduce real weakspots and strong spots which would reward skill and punish noobyness. Also reintroduce all old maps that were good for flanking.


  2. Too bad Wargaming! This falls under the category of: too little, TOO LATE!

    Most of my clan has left or are no longer active (me included) because the fuckup called 1.19.1 and the subsequent increase in WG’s balance department idiocray: the armor over buff meta having become the new flavor of the year to dumb things down.

    But hey…it makes them revenue to pay for Serb’s moon base project…we need more Elon’s in this world any way so maybe it’s a good thing in WoT’s final end.


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