Supertest: HD Fjords Video & Pictures


23 thoughts on “Supertest: HD Fjords Video & Pictures

    1. my thought exactly.. wtf? that’s a death zone. way to kill 15% of the map.

      i do like the alternative route to the left of the center hill, tho



    What the actual fuck wargaming, stop removing cover everywhere to appease “Steve the terrible IS-7 driver”


    1. I love these selfproclaimed experts who whine about everything without having a clue. You haven’t played the map yet but you cry anyways. Are you trying to imply that the current version of Fjords is good? I hate to bring it to you but the current version has some highly unbalanced positions that completely break it. And for the HD version: Don’t comment on it until you have played it on the sandbox because right now you have the minimap, a few screenshots and a 1 minute teaser video and that is by all means not enough to make an educated comment on the gameplay.


      1. He is implying WG is removing bushes and softcover while reworking the maps to HD.

        Something that lots of players have been giving negative feedback on over the past couple of years, yet still the trend of removing foliage continues.
        AND THAT my dear Concinus, get folks irritated and use CAPITAL letters among other things. Because they feel like giving feedback to a brick all.

        So if you call that whining then I deem you pigheaded.

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        1. If you look closely on the 2nd pic you can see tons of trees and bushes to the right and tons of trees and bushes in the back. With some rocks between them (look at the minimap for that). Yes they cleared out the deathtrap-bushes and -rocks between the edges of the valley but that’s about it.
          The new layout looks like it will open some new options and remove some of the most unbalanced positions of the current map.


          1. If anything this will make the area less suited for “Steve the IS-7 Driver” because he can’t just get in cover behind the next rock.


            1. Cause heavily armoured tanks need more cover than let’s say Leopard and the rest paper tanks… I wonder if you’re even a 500wn8 player with comments like these…


                1. I’m not sure you grasp camo mechanics properly though. If you are standing in an open field your camo mechanics matter nothing unless you are in a light tank. On most maps medium camo is wholly irrelevant.

                  And you would do well to look me up before you call me someone who hasn’t go a clue mate, just a friendly reminder 😉


      2. If you play long enough and have skill to do well in the game then yes, you ARE a fucking expert on the game and can accurately predict an impact this or that change will make on the game, be it change to a tank, to a map or game mechanics.


  2. I do like the new lay of the land here, the more flatter center. Hope that won’t stall the team as much as they do now. Hate going in the middle there, takes longer to win that vs less guns, then the HT line do vs more guns.


  3. I do like the new look of the new render engine and reworked maps! Seems very refreshing although they are the same old maps.

    Regretfully off late I was inclined to install the Sandbox client and test them myself. Although I did get the invitation.
    So I do hope the new render engine get well optimized so that it runs on lesser than top hardware systems using lower settings and still be comparable in looks to the current engine on high/max settings.


  4. Looks like battlefield 3, which is a 5 year old game…very bad graphics, I need graphics that can do my two 1080ti justice on 4k.


    1. I guess once HD maps are released there will be graphic mods being created, going beyond devs done themselves. I’ve seen plenty graphic mods for any and all objects in game, maps, tanks, lighting. I see no reason why players couldn’t have a go at and make it better.

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