HD Erlenberg Video & Pictures


4 thoughts on “HD Erlenberg Video & Pictures

  1. So wait? They made the map *WORSE* and removed all the interesting terrain features? Is that a pre-requisite for making them HD? Making them worse?


    1. I would not say it looks worse. More bumps and cover along the river near cap, but more open in them middle. Caps have more cover so hill campers can’t farm as easy. Forcing players to leave the hills. Hills are smaller, and there is a valley and tree line up north you can use, so you won’t get spotted and raped when crossing the bridge going for the 8 line assault from the north.

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  2. I Just wish they would try to stay away from the WW2 themed levels. Watching tanks from Korea or Vietnam rolling past 88flak canons seems they should ask themselves. Why are we adding this again?


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