9.21 HD Renders

9.21 has 15 vehicles made in HD quality.


T25 AT:


Somua SAu 40:

S35 CA:



StuG III Ausf. B:

VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B:

Light Mk. VIC:





Type 61:


35 thoughts on “9.21 HD Renders

      1. I need to find where i’ve seen that, but I remember having read that WG got blueprints of the early development of the T28/T95, to “replace” the fantasy T28. That’s maybe what we got here.

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    1. I hope you know WG is outsourcing the HD models to freelancers and they aren’t working on them other than implementing them in the game.


        1. I’ve got my sources buddy.

          If you don’t believe me check out Slientstalker’s report about the CZ tanks (the article about the T-24) on that other, now defunct blog, he mentioned it as well.


        2. I believe it was mentioned at some point during a Q&A. That, and a lot of the modellers (as well as their work) can be found on ArtStation, not all of whom are officially Wargaming employees (or work on other, non-WG projects as well).


  1. Don’t understand what people like about that T28 model … those extended forward tracks look horrible and will make every corner an even bigger pain than it is currently. Even if it gets decent armor you’ll just be permatracked.


    1. tracks are the same lenght as on current T28 model, they just removed the stuff the magicaly add there in attempt to make T28 look different from T95. So the difference now is that you will not get also damage while being permatrack


  2. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like the look of the gun mantlet cover on the Type 6.
    Although I also didn’t like the ST-B’s gun mantlet cover either


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