Personal Missions Compensation Update

Compiled from the EU forums.

„Hey guys!

As it was pointed out to me in another thread (thanks for that!) we haven’t given you any update on the ongoing issues for a while. Sorry about that! Our developers are working on the problem, but it is proving harder to solve than expected. If there is any more information to share about when you can expect the solution or about the compensation we will let you guys know!

While the micropatch fixed some of the personal mission issues, it didn’t solve some of the other problems you guys have been experiencing. The devs are working on the solution as fast as possible and if someone wants to get this fixed even faster than you guys, it is them. We will update you as soon as (!) we have more info to share.

As far as the compensation is concerned, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to send out the compensation while the actual problems are not entirely fixed, however as soon as we manage to get that done the minimum we are going to compensate you with is the previously promised female crew member and order. We are are also considering increasing the compensation since you guys have to put up with this for longer than expected. Once again we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

The situation looks like this: We promised the compensations initially assuming that we will be able to fix the issues by the time we issue the female crew member and the order to the players. That didn’t happen though, so we haven’t sent the compensation out just yet. The reason we are waiting is because, and I think you guys will agree, we want to actually get the fix done and see how long it takes before we compensate you guys for it. Also, since the fix takes longer and you have to put up with it (once again, sorry for that) we are considering more compensation.

– Ph3lan”


15 thoughts on “Personal Missions Compensation Update

      1. I would like to send the next song to my best friend, Arthur Frayn aka. Pawel_PL. I knew I can always count on you. It’s a rare thing nowadays to have such reliable friends as you. ❤


  1. If they make it better but do not actualy release it, they will just hype us for nothing. That reminds me of star citizen : more promises but no delivery

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  2. so I finished a mission couple days ago…..It said go recruit female crew member……I click on it and nothing happened…..WTF??????……to be hones I have no idea if I got reward for that mission before…….it was LT15 for stug and I improved results( I made it about half way to Obj.260 by now)…..but I have been improving results(collecting credits to buy Death star)…….is hthere a way for them to keep track of all female crew I got (there are quite a lot of them from missions, swede ones for last new year? or something…..I don’t remember…….but I could use couple of them for Czech T50


  3. If you had already completed LT15 and were just improving results to honorable, you should already have collected the female crew when you completed it the first time.


    1. thanks for reply….one more question: I know I did T55A by doing 4 sets with honors(I did not do the HT ones)…….but now it is showing that I used orders to complete HT15,which I did not…and I haven’t received crew member for that mission……will I get her after I ACTUALLY DO THE MISSION….or am I shit out of luck?


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