WOT Micropatch (personal missions)

Dear Commanders,

The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 08.11.2017 from 05:00 – 05:45 CET due to this update.

Roll out!

This update should solve issues with personal missions and enable the compensation for delay (1 female crew member and 1 order) but I presume it will do nothing.

source: WOT


12 thoughts on “WOT Micropatch (personal missions)

  1. on an unrelated note: what do you guys think of 2nd week Leviathan missions? did you finished them? or did you gave up? haven’t dithered with them at all?
    kill 3 tanks in PVP with secondary guns……..IN ONE BATTLE?
    make 40 damaging hits on Leviathan……….IN ONE BATTLE?
    and my personal favorite : do 3000 damage to Leviathan……….WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE!!!!


    1. 40 damaging shot is easy with the autoloader gun and the 3 secondary kills in PvP is doable in a few battles with the same tank. The 3k without damage is really hard and the two where you have to kill the Leviathan with the secondary gun and be top damage is almost impossible because everyone is holding their fire to steal the kill. Closest I got there was being top damage the battle and hitting the Leviathan with the loader gun just to see it remain on 23 HP and getting stolen by someone else a moment later.

      I saw the rewards and not sure if it’s worth getting a headache with these stupid missions.


  2. The 40 shots I would have got eventually but I got sick of the people hiding to avoid damage, pretty much half the team would not help with minions then would just be sat back so far away that the Levi was going out of render range all the time trying to pixel snipe the two small rear weakspots and resulting in a loss.


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