WoT Supertest: Island 2 Map

Similar to the Pacific Rim map from WoT Console.

Video, minimap:


11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Island 2 Map

  1. At least it looks unique I guess? For some reason it felt like a Wows tho

    And holy shit that forest will make a guy with destructible object on map crash.


  2. The path to the NW makes no sense. Designed specifically for HT/TD i guess.
    LT/TD should be able to go through the forest with little issue because of camo.
    TD positions all over the middle temple area. Paths with no buildings makes no sense.
    The river makes no natural sense.
    The terrain doesn’t feel natural either. Gentle incline going to each base around NW path for game play reasons only.
    Grass right next to an erupting volcanic vent? Should be on fire.

    But, on the plus, I do like the forest. It’s very tropical feeling and realistic.

    I count 10 corridors. Any others i missed?


  3. I suspect this will be a wider version of lakeville or Overlord by the looks of it. North will be the new beach for HT’s. Top tier HT’s like a Type 5 wasting half the match going around the North path, leaving south vs more guns. I can already see it.


    1. All I see are choke points and camping positions. There’s very little chance of fluid game play on this map. All areas are pushing into cover from the open and that shit doesn’t fly.


  4. Looks like something from Super Mario ~ 100’s of real WW1 & WW2 & Korea & Vietnam Maps to choose from to keep the game looking like a ‘genuine tank game’ and WG come up with cartoon shit?

    Still its way better than Pilsen or Paris/ rubicon the last 2 maps WG rammed down our throats this now 2 years ago

    So I guess ANY new Map is very welcome after a 2 year wait …..

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