Supertest: Object 268 Version 4

In the reshuffle planned for the Soviet line, the SU-100M1 will disappear and a new tier X will be added – Object 268 Version 4.

Other changes in the 2nd iteration of the supertest:

-Increased the front plate armor of the SU-101 to somewhere around 260 mm on the corners and the upper plate, and 200 mm on the lower plate
-Increased the armor of the SU-122-54 to 270mm for the UFP and 220 mm for the LFP
-Small accuracy increases
-Increased the muzzle velocity (from 760 to 960 m/s)
-Increased the hull traverse speed of the hull to 30 degrees for the Object 268 V4
-DPM increased by 5-10%
-Decreased the aim-time of the IX tier
-Quicker aiming in sniper mode (increased gun laying speed)
-Increased the engine power proportionally to the mass of the tank

Object 268 Version 4 updated statistics (updated stats in bold, remember, those can change in the future too):

The work on designing the TD started on 18 December 1952. The TD was developed on the basis of the T-10 heavy tank. Development ended at the project stage.

Tier: TD-10, USSR, regular
HP: 2 100
Engine: 1 500 hp
Mass: 75 t
Maximum load: 80 t
Power-to-weight: 20 hp / t
Max speed / Min speed: 55 / -22 km / h
Hull turning speed: 23 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,151 / 1,342 / 2,205
Radio range: 720 m

Hull armor: 250 / 100 / 45 mm

Gun: 152 mm M-53C

Alpha Damage: 750 / 750 / 1 100
Penetration: 293 / 360 / 90
Rate of fire:  3,052 rounds/minute
Damage per minute:  2 289,2
Reload time: 19,658 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,422
Aiming time: 1,92 s
Depression/Elevation: -5 / +15

Armor Schematics:

More pictures:

54 thoughts on “Supertest: Object 268 Version 4

  1. FU WG… ruining all lines… give me a reward tank for it… also when?… next patch?

    1. So they should let the least popular line stay as is? And the most hated tier 7 they have given up buffing to stay? I highly doubt many will cry about their SU-100M1… It\’s the worst grind in the game for me so far.. even more then the old Challenger. 416 on the other hand? Well that might cause a riot. But then again, we don\’t know what or when or even if this will happen yet. I suspect this will be the first update next year. The December update will most likely contain the 183B changes.

      1. The line is only unpopular to noobs. Decent players will use it well, and people who manage to reach the 263 are often really good players who know how to play.
        It is currently the most rewarding line in the game, as the long and honestly unpainful grind leads to possibly the strongest tier X TD in the game.
        The line used to be painful when the tier 8 only had the 100mm gun. Tier 7 has a more than decent gun and armor, tier 9 is meh but still not ARLv39 meh, and tier 8 is now OP.

        And this chance will make the line even more unpopular than it can be now: nerf dpm, nerf accuracy, buff armor which is a pointless stat in the current gold-spam meta… Take the uniqueness away, make the line terrible, make the tier X the worst of its tier. Great change.

      2. SU-100M! is a great tank tier for tier,if u play it well it\’s op,on the other hand,the cancer of the line is su-101,as it has even less gun depression,sh.t gun,sh.t armor …..

  2. So it is marginally better now. Still an absolute punch in the face to every Obj. 263 owner.

  3. Bullshit, 200mm lower plate on a tier 7 TD and 220mm lower plate on a tier 8 TD…and the tier 10 dont even have any weakspots frontaly….250mm sloper lower plate omfg, this game is a JOKE now days.

  4. I still do not understand why they remove the SU-100M1 and not the SU-122-54, which is the only tank of this line with frontal superstructure, when all the other ones have a superstructure on the rear.

    1. I think it would be neat, following this logic, if you could go to the 268 line from the SU-101 via the 122-54 and have the 263 at tier 9..

    1. That’s what I thought too, a Russian knock off of a Jadg E100. No kidding. That’s all it looks like to me. And you can bet their going to make it OP !!! They always do. So, does this mean they’ll start secretly reducing the power from the E100 behind the scenes to force people to want this??

      We know how they operate?

  5. WG are jokes to make tanks with no weakspots, specially on maps where flanking is not possible. Many tanks cant even flank TDs as they use to because there are always campers behind. The original concept of WOT was better, all tanks had weakspots that could be abused and you could outplay opponents having skills. Now days the only skill you need to win a combat is pressing 2, and that don\’t even work on all tiers either due to massive armor.

  6. Anything about the fate of the SU-100M1, other than its removal from this branch ? Can we hope for it to be turned into a premium tank, like some tier Xs were ?

    1. It\’s a good bet. Bring it back in a year as \”The Legendary SU-100M1\” now at tier 8! $101.00 CHEAP

  7. 20hp/t with this armor, looks like a shit ton of fun as long as you stay away from a dpm combat against a gold finding tanks.

    1. shit ton of fun having a gun less accurate than FV283\’s with lower alpha. This thing will suck, and armor doesnt mean shit in this game as long as gold ammo stays as it is. It\’s all about tpm and accuracy, and this tank has none of these.

      1. With gold ammo you can shoot anywhere and pen and long as its close combat. The armor should be able to handle 340 heat pen without a problem besides the cupola. Also, there is nothing stops them from buffing the tank if its too weak on the test server.

  8. The point of the 263 line was sneaky mobile fast firing TDs with below-average alpha (for TDs) and good accuracy (for tier X).
    A really unique line.

    And they\’re changing it for a bunch of ultra-front-armored high-alpha low-dpm innacurate TDs, aka the chinese line. The tier X is a huge piece of shit. For the same gun as the Obj268 it has 0.1 worse accuracy, worse dpm iirc, no point in playing it.

    wtf WG you had one nice unique line and you ruin it while there are things like the french SHTs are waiting.

    Considering how huge the gameplay change will be, I sincerely hope they\’ll keep the current 263 as a special vehicle for those who owned it. No reason why they can change the FV215B for the same tank with spaced armor and give it for free, but not when making a change similar to turning an E-25 into an SU152…

  9. >Increased the front plate armor of the SU-101 to somewhere around 260 mm on the corners and the upper plate, and 200 mm on the lower plate

    Assuming these are effective armor values accounting for sloping, that\’s ridiculous for a Tier 7 tank, let alone a tank destroyer (reminder that in the new line SU-101 is downtiered). AgingJedi wondering if gold ammo spam is the future of WoT comes to mind…

    1. that armor will be only on the same places, but not whole the front, so stop blame it.

      1. I comment what I read, and what I read here says \’upper and lower plate and some corners\’, no idea what these \’corners\’ are but UFP/LFP are pretty self-explanatory. Of course, if you have an armor model of the Tier 7 SU-101 with these armor values, by all means link it.

    1. Yes, and players over on the NA aren’t laughing anymore, Thier either not playing much or their leaving !!

  10. WG clowns doing their best to ruin their own game. Hey look we have a unique tier 10 TD, let\’s throw it out of tier 10 because we can\’t buff it!!! Murazor **** and his retarded balancing team.

  11. OR wargaming can make the SU-101 the tier 7, bring in the Obj 268 Ver 2 at tier 8, make the Obj 268 Ver 4 historical at tier 9 and leaver the Obj 263 at tier 10 unchanged.

    WG seem to think that the Obj 263 itself is unpopular when the trueth is that people who have it like it. The issue isn\’t the tier 10, its the tanks leading to it.

    Also if the Obj 268 Ver 4 comes out as it is ithe line really will become unpopulare because that gun is fucking shit. The Obj 268 is mobile with a far superior gun. The T110E3 has armor with a far superior gun.

    There would be no reason to choose to go down this line with the change WG are proposing to do.

    1. 268 V4 is a highly mobile armor platform. Neither 268 nor E3 take that role, or any TD of that matter. As long as it can withstand gold ammo it will be picked. Even if people will fling gold themselves.

      1. that lower plate is, if they\’re using the historical angle, at 30 degrees, take 5 degrees for the normalization of AP rounds gives you an effective angle of 25 degrees. At 250mm that\’s only 276mm effective

        That\’s not bad but considering the Obj 263 gets 436mm effective armor on the UHP and 326mm effective on the casement front and is as mobile with a better gun right now

        The current Obj 263 will beat the Ver 4 every time:
        – Better effective armor (albeit requires you to be hull down so there\’s your draw back)
        -It\’s as mobile
        – It has a gun that is actually able to hit something

        The Jagdpanzer E100 can out DPM this tank, has better armor and is more accurate
        The FV215b 183 can out DPM this tank and is more accurate
        The Obj 268 might not have the armor but it\’s mobile and has a gun that shits on the Ver 4


        This change is not good for the line and will turn people away from it

        1. From the looks of it LFP looks better than 276.
          Speed wise she should be a bit slower than e50m. Neither of your 3 are even close to it.
          There is 2 lines of code separating them from buffing the gun. They are not going to release a underpowered tank, especially after all the work they\’ve put.
          I have grinded the 263 just for the looks of the tank. The playstyle never felt rewarding. With some gun buffs this thing should be more fun to play.

          1. But why bring in a tank that needs to be unhistorically buffed to fit at tier 10 or change a tier 10 that is not bad and more unique then another 750 alpha tank?

            The issue is with the line, so why change the exception?

            They can bring this in perfectly fine as a tier 9: 180mm of frontal armor, 50ton, 750hp engine

            It would work. Gun wise you could give it the 122mm M62, the 130mm S-70 (would build into the Obj 263) and the 152mm M53 (build into the Obj 268)

            excluding the 122mm and 130mm it would be more historical while improving the line and making it more popular. People would still go down the Obj 268 line because of the Obj 704 and it\’s BL-10 so it wouldn\’t be undermined but the option of two tier 10\’s from one line would be a nice proposal to bring people down it.

            If they want to improve the Obj263 itself then the lower plate can be buffed from 150 to 180mm to match the Ver 4. They could also change the model to have a canvas over open back and let you fit vents.

            Alternatively they change the gun on Ver 4 to be a 130mm and keep it as a sniper liker the rest of the line currently is. But right now this brings nothing new and is a massive nerf to the Obj 263 that isn\’t needed or wanted by many

            1. Moving it to tier 9 does seem like a better choice. Its all up to russian community though. I will check their forums and see how they feel about it.

                1. The devs claim that the 263 playstyle of a long range sniper is too similar to 268\’s and people didn\’t use it as a breakthrough tank, so they wanted to change the line. They also stated that in supertest it behaves like they wanted, though im sure they used normal ammo for testing. Yeah, Russians dont like the change either.

                  1. Honestly I would say they could increase the armor of the Obj 268 to make it more of an assault tank.

                    Let\’s face it, it\’s not the best tier 10 TD. It\’s good but I personally don\’t see it as being as good as the 263, just easier, and funner, to get

          2. It just occured to me that you can actually have both at tier 10

            Tier 8: Obj 261 armed with 152mm M-31. (enclosed, front mounted casement) (not the Obj261-3 artillery) This would split into;
            Tier 9 – Obj 262 (armed with 130mm S-70 (historically 152mm M48) and Obj 268 Ver 2 (armed with 152mm M48)
            Tier 10 – Obj 263 (armed with 130mm S-70A) and Obj 268 Ver 4 (armed with 152mm M53)

            This way you get the best of both

      2. Lets talk historically for a moment. THe 268 V4 was not a \”highly mobile armor platform\”

        Firstly the weight was to be LESS then 50 ton
        The frontal armor was no more then 180mm thick
        The engine was to be V-12-6, the 750hp engine that was later used in the T-10M… HALF of what it has

        Assuming it weighed exactly 50 ton the power to weight would be 15hp/t

        Would you like to keep debating this would would you rather have WG fuck up a tier 10 that has no issues by replacing it with unhistorical bullshit that\’s worse then what we have

      3. Are you sure?
        Can you tell us why the very similar tier 10 chinese Td is nowhere to be seen on the battleground?
        Those dudes havent learned nothing from the chinese TD-fail…..

  12. they have completely discarded having at least a minimal amount of historical accuracy, they keep changing the armour values at their own convinience, if so there\’s no longer a reason as to not adding the TOG heavy line (they just need to buff them) and the French Super Heavies

    there\’s also other options that were probably left out for a lack of detailed info about them (there were rough details like weight, frontal armour, cruise speed and gun caliber), like:

    Dr. Porsche TDs (the Typ-series)
    the H, L, M, TS, etc… – series of concepts presented in several Questionmark conferences in the US (for all roles but Td\’s, although there were several casemate and limited traverse concepts in every class that could work as TD\’s, especially taking into account of what a TD is in the US doctrine)
    other concepts like
    the Yoh tanks (I think all mediums, mentioned a bit by The_Chieftain, even wrote a article about them on the NA forum/website)
    the TV-8 (the submarine-tank)
    the Super Heavy Trailer Tank (155mm gun)
    the Chrysler quad-track concept (each side had 2 tracks, one full length and another half-length, counting that the leading road-wheel would detonate the IED or mine and blow the track, then the half-length track in the back would make it possible to move the tank into cover)
    the \”convoy\” tank (a nuclear powered heavy tank with a big gun that would power a wole convoy, there\’s a mockup of it)
    the hen&chick \”multirole\” concept

  13. Why the hell can\’t WG just make this an alternative to the normal 268. Just make it like we can research both tanks from 704.

    Why destroy the unique fast firing low alpha line that is the 263 with yet another boring high alpha TD ?

    WTF is murazor smoking ? Smoking his own shit ? Can\’t WG just fling wake up????

    1. Victor is behind murazor, Slava, and the Devs calling the shots!! Just like the Grand Fuck Up battles that Victor wants etc. see Victor is like Trump ( if you’ll pardon my analogy please ), he puts people in charge that carry out decisions that are his, then when they go wrong he can fire them later for doing what he wanted, keeps him as CEO.
      In the end population is declining, and a server like the NA is on its way to dying of low population.

  14. …this line was rly fun to play, great mobility, super camo, Okish armor. A lot of fun (granted, some Goldspam was inevitable ). I see no potential in the new tier 10 tank. DPM is horrible, accuracy is F* JOKE, hull turning speed is a disaster, gun depression@elevation total shit, WG would have to pay me to buy this tank…

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