There is a new micropatch coming out on the morning of November 2 (Thursday), which probably can break some popular mods. The scale of the disaster cannot be predicted, so there are new mod folders – /res_mods/ and /mods/

17 thoughts on “ Micropatch

  1. Lol just because you won’t be able to use your mods for a day or two you call it a disaster? Yeah because fuck patching all the latest bugs must protect me precious mods!!!


    1. Until WG adds a lot of features that mod users enjoy, such as crew auto return and equipment auto return as well as session statistics and more QoL improvements, yes, it can be very annoying for some.

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      1. XVM sniping *is* a thing. Just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s a very real problem for the better part of the player base, quit acting like it’s just myths and legends.


        1. I never said it isnt a thing but saying all players are mad that they cant “xvm Focus” others is just stupid i dont use xvm just some skins and a different sight. i am more fightend that after said micropatch normal features of the game stop working

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            1. *Sigh* no i just don´t interpret things into a an info that mods couldn’t work and through the last experiences we know that patches tend to break stuff rather than fixing bugs.

              but let me guess you know it better like when you said that the Czechs “didnt played a role” in WW2


  2. An ingame evaluation of possible player strength can be very effecient, but I only really miss session statistics and I have been running modless for more than a year. WG are slow but they introduced many cool things in the client.


  3. How about a patch for the f’ing worthless MM.
    23 tier 8 prem battles in a row. 7 tier 9, the rest tier 10.
    Not a single top tier battle.
    I swear, if was left alone in a room with WG devs I’d cut their f’ing throats, and I’m not even joking.


  4. Hey goys, my aimbot is not working, end also my Tundra mod is not working. Mey destruction mof is working, I have the white dots on the minimap whan the enemy hits trees and trash cans. Luckyley we get update on thise mods. and Also. We. get bettor Slice. of the fence. Or not?


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