Personal Mission Update and Compensation

Source: MrConway, Community Coordinator

Commanders, I have news!

Firstly let me apologize for the delays in fixing this issue, with software problems tracking down and fixing them can often take much more time than anticipated.

We have a micro patch ready for deployment that should fix the problems that appeared with Crews and Orders in Personal Missions. We have set up scripts to remove or items that should not have been credited or are missing (crew and unused orders), this will start working after patch deployment tomorrow.

Once the scripts have run through, Personal Missions will be reactivated – we hope to be able to do this tomorrow evening. Please note that we cannot promise an exact time until we have seen that the issues have been resolved.

To apologize to you for this disruption we will be crediting 1 female crew member + 1 free order to all players.

The server restarts are planned for:

  • WoT EU 1 – 4:30 UTC
  • WoT EU 2 – 5:00 UTC

We hope that you have enjoyed the Halloween mode despite these disruptions and that we will see you for our Halloween stream tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Personal Mission Update and Compensation

  1. Wow, nice compensation! So if I already have all womans from missions, I will get oanother one? Thats a great news. And about order, it’s for primary conditions, for secondary or for both?

    1. an order just finishes the main task of the marked mission you can get it back if you finish the mission with honors

    1. If i get that kind of compensation i would not mind if they are going to break it again.

  2. When it\’s all said and done it\’s probably amazing that there aren\’t more problems considering how many plates WG has spinning on sticks. In as much as what I really want right now out of the personal missions is a full crew of gal pals for Chinese light tanks so I can go back to finishing the missions with honors for the first two vehicles this works for me.

  3. another Micro Patch
    oh these memes …….

    So like lol! ~ who do they at WG employ for there code writers scripts WG devs all school leavers?

    WG scrambling around like amateur\’s again, kind of mega embarrassing no?

  4. Does anyone know if there is going to be possibility for female crew to change their nationality? Btw another woman in tank I say why not I\’ll take that with all my fingers.

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