2 years later – R.I.P. Rubicon

2 years ago we were on the edge of having Rubicon, but it never happened. The greatest screwup of WG so far.


QuickyBaby’s review of all the great stuff Rubicon was bringing:

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  1. I am very excited to announce that Rubicon is coming to World of Tanks in January, 2018. Our development team has been working very hard to bring you this brand new system, with which you can improve your favorite tank\’s performance and dominate the battle field. Additionally I want to express my gratitude towards the paying customers, I am with my ding dong hanging out of my pants way up in the air going oh yeeah nice stuff I love money, you guys love money too, right? We all love money and I don\’t mind talking with y\’all about it.

  2. \”(…) but it never happened\” and \”The greatest screwup of WG so far\”. These two sentences together make no sense. If something did not happen, if something was not done then no one screwed up anything.
    You mean WG almost screwed it up. And if this would really be a failure, we\’ll never know.

    1. they did screw up because they actualy considered putting it on live. And we do know it was going to be a failure because since they waited until the last possible moment to cancel it, we had plenty of time to try it on test server and see pay2win like it has never been before (even with a game full of gold ammo and op prems). And since WG themselves decided to cancel it when they refuse to cancel things like the Japanese HT derp guns and the Object 252U, then it really means it was some next level crap (next level as in even with all the free tanks in the world they couldnt not make us swallow it).

      1. Again, this is just opinion, not facts.
        The facts are:
        1. They did plan to do something.
        2. They did not.
        3. People are whinning anyway.

    2. So by that logic, if i were to play devils advocate.

      If the XBOX one were to be released with it\’s original setup and features with the worse DRM in video game history, forcing of peripherals that nobody wanted(which inflated it\’s price tag by a additional hundred and couldn\’t be turned off.), killing off the third party markets and distributors who sell used video games and denying individuals who let their friends/family borrow their games. this wouldn\’t have been the greatest fuck up and failure in video game history because it never happened?

      Because if it wasn\’t a fuck up why didn\’t Rubicon just as the \”original\” XBOX one happen? I\’m going to let it sink into you, you\’ll get answer.

      1. The XBone\’s announcement did happen and it was one of the biggest PR disasters in gaming in at least the last decade. Likewise Rubicon cost WG a lot in time, resources, and player goodwill even though it never actually made it to the live server. Was it WG\’s biggest screw-up? Debatable, they\’ve fucked up a lot over the years, but that it got as close to the live servers as it did is a damning indictment all the same.

  3. The crew skills with emblems thing was going to be an ABSOLUTE FUCKING UNMITIGATED DISASTER, and anyone lamenting that such a feature, thank god, did not make it to live, is a bloody idiot.

  4. I don\’t understand why people say QB is a shill for WG. He really stick it to the man in this video and did respectfully and classy as always.
    QB, truly a class act since at least 2015.

  5. To think Wargaming has learned something from that is a serious tragic mistake in the making!! First off take a look currently how they are screwing up with Grand Battles for OP Equip to unbalance the game, Etc. And look at the massive Sir Foch episode, their utter arrogance, huburis, callous, disregard for the player base, their constant practice of censorship, and heavy handed business decision have no memory at all in regards to their money grabbing mistakes!

    They still believe that pretty gloss over of HD of old Maps, will sugar coat the fail Match Maker, and all the other problems they will not fix!

    It will not save the NA server which can barely hold 23K pop. at its peak evening hour, but by next summer the NA ( at its current loss rate ) by next late summer 2018, “They will be transferring the NA to the EU then”.

    Everyone here on the NA who actively plays knows, we are going down, and by the end of next year it’s over!

  6. I find that kind of funny because WT is doing just fine. They lose the NA server they lose it. I\’m not going to be real sad to see it go

    Because I did not put much money into the game and all of those stuck up asshats who flaunt their win8 rating will mean… nothing….

  7. Rubicon is actually here now and in the game live

    its a map called Paris
    yes the shitter map everyone hated so much

    so WG stealthy slipped it in as a \’new map\’ the fact that its another shitter brawling only City Map
    of which we already have plenty counts for nothing, and that the players both EU and RU hated it also counted for nothing ~ WG wants WG does it.

    WOT is pay to win
    and more and more bit by bit as time goes on, just little slowly and quietly now
    T8 OP Premiums never going away ……………..

  8. As QB said, the idea of choosing bonuses for crew based on emblems and inscriptions, was not totally bad. Hell it works fine in World of Warships. The disaster that was avoided, was that it cost far too much, and failed to compensate players for inscriptions and emblems that they already owned. As QB also said, if the emblems and inscriptions could be permanently purchased for silver then it would have been sort of alright. If WG could have worked out emblems and inscriptions properly WoT might have been saved from bonds….

  9. The reality is that Rubicon was the supposed to be a big shift in design that began in 9.6, and the game would be in an even worse state now if Rubicon had come to fruition

    1. the phrase \”climax of what was\” should be inserted between the \’and\’ \’supposed\’

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