WoT – Soul Hunter

Enjoy 🙂


18 thoughts on “WoT – Soul Hunter

    1. I hope it’s a scenario, I think PVE senarios are the best if not only way to have historical battles in a game like this, and if they go and start making PVE Missions/campaigns I would also like to see “what if” campaigns, like operation unthinkable I mean just look at the cool trailer for the console’s rewrite history stuff.


  1. wow, imbecils comany wanna do helloween epic shit event. Instead wasting time for such a stupid thing better resolve game issues. Rusky morons


  2. well, there is still the Tiger II (H) in the gamefiles and it was on supertest already.


    I for one would be really happy about such a prem. Tiger II on tier 7 with “just” the 8,8 L/71, doesn’t that sound sweet? only the DPM and the mobility are mediocre to bad.

    if they would consider buffing the turret roof to 45mm, so that all those 122mm russian “laser guns”, that would not overmatch it anymore.


    1. Did you know that the hapless western EU crowd are the biggest contributers to the EU and that Poland received the most funds out of all the EU-countries in 2013 and still is one of the biggest receivers?

      You should be more humble, PL-tomato.

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