Another Minsk Map Video


00:01 Variant 1: 90_minsk_a
02:36 Variant 2: 90_minsk_v
05:47 Variant 3: 00_minsk


3 thoughts on “Another Minsk Map Video

  1. First one looks interesting, second one looks like a mash 5 other maps we already have and the third…not sure what to say about it. I think they will end up with a modified version of either 1 or 3, but I don’t think they will stay as they are. Aesthetics additions not being implemented yet, the maps look too plain and empty. I’m guessing they’re gonna change them up a a bit. Also, I get the feeling they’re trying to make larger maps now.


  2. Well the first looks interesting, kind of unique. The second is more like a huge Ensk, easy to understand which is good, but also having small brawling maps its not bad. The third one looks like an even more restricted Erlenberg, which i hate it. If they make the river more accessible, ok, but its current passages provide an awful gameplay, I already hate.


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