Supertest: Minsk (3rd Iteration)

“This time we moved to the game area of the circus and the victory square. As planned, in this version, the map will represent the postwar Minsk, with the buildings of the 60-70-ies. It will be a mixed map, with city blocks and open spaces”.

The map is 1000×1000. Release date – unknown.


13 thoughts on “Supertest: Minsk (3rd Iteration)

  1. As long as its nothing at all like –


    which seem to be WG preferred shit Maps for the weekend (every weekend) on the EU servers for us to not-enjoy just suffer

    then yes ok, at least its a ‘New’ Map

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  2. So this map could be interesting, just new few things: WG building and posibility when you are near the building, tank commander can go out of the tank and piss of on WG buildings wall.


  3. This map might be decent if the river is traversable and there are elevation change at some places. Either way the first variant still seems to be the better one.


      1. Windstorm. Siegfried line-ish map simply had too many dead empty zones while the windstorm-ish map is actually not symmetrical and has a decent amount of flanking routes.


  4. Lol they literally just repurposed komarin. The exact same map layout except this one has pavements instead of grass and trees


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