STG/STG Guard Available on EU

Cheapest bundles:

34 € – Tank and slot

Link to STG Premium Shop page

Link to STG Guard Premium Shop page


8 thoughts on “STG/STG Guard Available on EU

    1. I started to like after ~ 50 games. Its decently balanced in my opinion. It plays similar to Obj 416, with the advantage of more gun depression and fully rotatable turret. You need to play as mid range sniper, but not on heavy lanes due to its shitty pen. I can’t recommend it like the Skorpion or Defender, but is decent fun playing this tank (and considering they plan on removing obj 416, it will remain with a unique playstyle soon)


      1. Firstly, this tank is pay-to-win because it’s better than the similar tank in the tech tree (Obj. 416 “Frying pan”).

        Secondly, Obj. 416 might go or not. We don’t know yet. It’s not official. Besides, it just received a HD model.

        Thirdly, STG won’t remain the only tank with that play style. Obj. 430 II is similar and will drop to tier 8 if they decide to go through with the line modifications.



        1. There are better tanks available in the tech tree, so it’s not pay to win.

          What grinds my gears, is the fact that every damn premium tank now is available for a shot time period and never ever gets added to the tech three or shop.
          “Come trade-in your old tanks” for what exactly?

          Greedy son’s of bitches keep forgetting why they are swimming in cash.

          Next time you throw us a bone, leave some meat on it..


  1. Another tank WG sells just to fuck you up. Just shot the following tanks:
    M41 Bulldog, shot to the side, fully absorbed, 0 damage
    O-I, shot to the front, ricochet
    AMX 13 90, point blanc shot, fully missed

    That big fucking gun will miss or not pen the damn easiest shots at the worst point possible.


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