WoT: AUS/NZ Server Coming November 1st

This information will be released to the public tomorrow. (Tuesday the 17th of October).

It’s been only 4 years since they promised it…


21 thoughts on “WoT: AUS/NZ Server Coming November 1st

  1. Better late than never.

    Also they said in that article that they’ve just started researching where to put the server. You know how dangerous is life in Australia where every animal is trying to kill you? I’m amazed they could finish their research in 4 years considering the wildlife of Australia.

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    1. Just a thought, maybe they’ll do it as an ASIA 2 or ASIA 3 server on the current Asian client, this way Aussies can play on the closer server and switch back if there aren’t enough players on.


  2. Would there even be enough concurrent players to warrent this?

    As an Australian this is exciting but I don’t want to transfer my account and then find out that you cant find a match because there’s too few players

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  3. is it safe to assume the Japanese and South-Korean markets will join this server? they are 2 fairly big markets in gaming and electronic content, I would assume that having to play on the farse that is the Chinese server would hurt WG business in those countries, especially since WG cannot ensure Japanese tanks won’t get some biased-nerfs for the sake of politics


    1. Those markets already have a server located in Singapore. I doubt too many of them will be interested in moving to an ANZ server.


  4. As a current Aussie playing on SEA. I usually only see about 5,000-8,000 players online during the day. And over 13,000-15,000 at night when the Asian players get online.

    As much as going from a 120ms ping to over 50ms (that isn’t dictated by an underwater cable >:| ) might be, this seems scary… Especially if they transfer accounts like they did for the South Koreans. Hopefully its just a NA East – NA West situation that uses the same launcher. (most likely…maybe…please)

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    1. lol im on NA server and with the server merge i went from around 20ms to 100ms. i’d be slightly more happy to be in your position, although i’ve adjusted and 70-100ms is good enough.


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