WG Opens New Mobile Studio in Moscow


In less than 19 years of WG’s existence, Wargaming opens a mobile studio in Moscow.

Official announcement:

Wargaming Moscow

Continuing its advance into the mobile sector, we are proud to announce the opening of a development studio in Moscow, one of the most prominent mobile game development hubs around the globe.

Wargaming Moscow is to be headed by Andrey Zimenko, an experienced professional with a 13 years’ track record in game development. His previous jobs include overseeing mobile publishing in Wargaming Alliance and leading a mobile development studio in Mail.Ru.

💬 “Moscow is one of the most significant centers for mobile gamedev in the world so we had to establish a presence here,” says Andrey Zimenko. “Our main objective for now is building a strong team capable of achieving the most ambitious goals. We welcome mobile game development professionals to join our ranks and share their most daring ideas with us.”

Once its roster is complete, Wargaming Moscow will embark on developing mid-range titles for mobile platforms.

Wargaming Moscow invites all talented, energetic and committed developers with mobile background to join the new team. Use your chance to become part of Wargaming Mobile and contribute to outstanding gaming projects!

Earlier, similar mobile studios were opened in cities such as Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague and Helsinki.