WoT Jewelry Coming Soon

RU only for now, unfortunately.


Lazurit-D, a manufacturer of silver and gold products, will present the official jewelry collection in military style for fans of the World of Tanks game.


💍 This week in the official licensed store of Wargaming (http://vitrina.wargaming.net)  the jewelry collection of World of Tanks should appear.
The manufacturer is the company “Lazurit-D”. Ads were seen since last week. The products are made under the license of Wargaming. The prices for the goods are ranging from 2510 to 5200 rubles. The WoT team never stops surprising us, this year alone we have seen a lot of new products in the World of Tanks style.


💎 Both sides approached very carefully the development process, so that the collection  turned out stylish. The collaboration agreement was signed in June 2017. The collection contains the following items: cufflinks, bracelets, rings, pendants, studs, badges, necklaces, and so on. Quite a lot of stuff.


“Lazurit-D” is one of the leading Russian firms in the industry of sales of polished gems, raw materials and jewelry. They export emerald and alexandrite raw material of any quality and color around the world. They are also pleased to share their achievements in making spherical-cut stones.