WoT Supertest – Object 430 Branch Changes

Changes are inbound for the pancake medium branch of the USSR. All stats are subject to change.


HP: 1100
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 59 / -20 km/h
Traverse speed: 44 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 38 °/s
View range: 370 m

Hull armor: 150 / 60 / 60
Turret armor: 90 / 90 / 90

Damage: 300 / 300 / 360
Penetration: 167 / 184 / 54
Reload time: 10.5 s
Accuracy: 0,42
Aim time: 3.0 s

Object 430 Version II

HP: 1450
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 45 / -18 km/h
Traverse speed: 44 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 35 °/s
View range: 370 m

Hull armor: 120 / 80 / 40
Turret armor: 223 / 166 / 63

Damage: 390 / 390 / 530
Penetration: 202 / 270 / 61
Reload time: 13.8 s
Accuracy: 0,42
Aim time: 2.9 s

Object 430

HP: 1800
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 50 / -18 km/h
Traverse speed: 52 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 38 °/s
View range: 380 m

Hull armor: 120 / 80 / 40
Turret armor: 248 / 185 / 63

Damage: 390 / 390 / 530
Penetration: 238 / 248 / 61
Reload time: 9.7 s
Accuracy: 0,42
Aim time: 2.5 s

Object 430U

Tier: MT-X, USSR
HP: 2000
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 50 / -18 km / h
Traverse speed: 52 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 38 °/s
View range: 400 m

Hull armor: 160 / 90 / 45
Turret armor: 300 / 195 / 65

Damage: 440 / 440 / 530
Penetration: 252 / 340 / 68
Reload time: 10.2 s
Accuracy: 0,4
Aim time: 2,3 s


63 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Object 430 Branch Changes

  1. WTF? Obj 416 gets the boot?! Who the hell is making these bullshit decisions?!
    Probably the bastard that removed the Lorraine 40t from the tree and put in the BC AP.

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    1. If you aren’t following, I’m a fan of keeping BUILT tanks in the tech tree over tanks that were paper projects but never built.


            1. It fit better than a 10.2 second reload 122mm gun on a medium tank. I feel the 416 fit in this line better than this change. You’re going from 3 rear turret tanks with decent rate of fire to 2 rear turret tanks w/good ROF, 1 standard design tank w/good ROF, ending in 1 standard design tank w/shit ROF.

              How does this branch fit better than the current one?


      1. True, but the line makes more sense now as a whole. As atm it is kinda like the Light medium line on the French tree before when the Lorr 40t was there. The tier 9 was the odd one out, and did not prepare you for anything on tier X. Then again, 416 is my only tier 8 med fav of the non premium tanks. So it better be a “special” tank. If that gets removed, there will be a riot.

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  2. yeah second tank that ive got (which will be replaced) but this time NOT for another tier 10 noooo i will get a tier 9.. thats nice to hear… TY WG xD


  3. So let’s get this straight, they’re replacing the Obj. 416, a tank that was actually built, with this napkin sketch BS? Who’s making these decisions and why aren’t they halfway through a wood-chipper at this very moment?


      1. That appears to be a wooden mock-up model rather than an actual tank. One step better than napkin sketch, but not a very small step at that.


  4. This is the stupidest tech branch rework I’ve ever seen, This is on same level as those 3rd party tank games you find on mobile with tech trees that make no sense.

    Why remove the 416? there’s nothing wrong with where it is. But to replace it with the 430 II? which was a tank designed to replace the T-54 and to compete as the next generation MBT along side the 140 and 907? And you put it at tier 8? I want whatever it is that they’re smoking over there or whatever it is they put in their vodka.


    1. Well, to be fair the 416 didn’t really fit in with the rest of the branch. A-44 and the Object 430 II are pretty different since they are taller but have actual armour instead of cardboard… though arguably Object 430 doesn’t fit the line either, since it has no rear-mounted turret at all, so this change will hardly create more consistency.


      1. True. But still they threw away the STG to premium status which could’ve easily been the tier 9 with the 430 II taking the normal 430’s place. That would make that whole branch unique for being rear mounted turrets.

        I also find it funny when they stated many time before they wanted to make the USSR mediums at tier 10 different, this is their answer. A tank that shits all over the 121 and 113 and is really just a 430 on steroids. Also SERB said that this tank would likely have to be a heavy due to it’s armor. I don’t know why they’re making it a medium.

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        1. STG is not tier 9 material at all, mate. Hell, they had to overbuff the gun to make it a workable tier 8.

          However, STG should have been switched with Object 416 and taken the tier 8 slot in the line.


          1. No the STG would be the best choice because of the 416’s history, The 416 was designed and built after he K-91-2’s creation to study rear mounted turrets with all of the crew inside of the turret this was in 1949. 4 years later the bureau decides to try the rear turret concept again on the 430 tank hence the 430 II. At the same time a designer named Gremyakin creates a tank that is the STG. also the STG’s gun was a place holder. The same gun that’s on the T-10 (M-62) would’ve most likely been used as the D-25T was considered obsolete in 50’s . Also this is WOT, the Tiger I is at Tier 7 with a gun it could never use.


            Here’s some more info if you want to learn about all (not really) the rear turreted tanks the Soviets were designing at that time.

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            1. The 416 is still very different from the rest of the line as it’s practically unarmoured in a line of decent to well-armoured vehicles.

              Also, even with a bigger gun I don’t think the STG is suited for tier 9, because it is decent at best on tier 8 already and a little bit more pen and damage likely will not compensate the higher tier. Unless WG starts unhistorically overbuffing it, and I /really/ want them to stop doing that.


              1. The 430 II only has 200mms of effective armor on it’s hull and the STG armor has many similarities to the 416 and can get 200mms of armor on it’s hull cheeks and has pretty tough turret that can ricochet rounds. Also the way how tech trees work is that the tanks should improve as you go along. The progression form 416 to 430 II makes sense because as you go along the better the armor gets.

                The Black Sheep of the group is actually the A-44. The one in game is the heavy armored version with
                120mm of armor on the front of the hull. (this was buffed to 140mm) there is another lighter version with only 75mm of hull armor both front and side.

                All they had to do was just as stated before place the STG at tier 9 and the 430 II at Tier 10, Then separate the A-44 into two different tanks maybe put the stronger hull A-44 at Tier 8(buff it so it can compete) and keep the lighter hull at tier 7 and Boom the line makes sense now A-44 and 416 have 75mm of hull armor, the STG with 100mm and the 430 II with 120mm.

                But at the end of the day it’s WOT and Wargaming can do whatever the hell they want. I’ll just sit here on the breaker and watch the game die. (NA server)


                1. Nothing you said changes the fact that Object 416 is the black sheep that doesn’t fit in the line, because you go from a well-armoured (for a medium) A-44 to a stealthy, cardboard tank. Furthermore, nothing you said changes anything about STG being weaker than Object 430 II either, the armour is worse so it wouldn’t be nearly as tanky as Object 430 II is currently. Even with the bigger gun, STG would be a downgrade unless WG starts adding extra armour and overbuffing other stats.


                  1. You really believe that 200mm of effective hull Armor is Decent to tank with? I mean I don’t give a damn about the line at all anymore. But I want to know if you truly believe that 200mm of hull armor which pretty much all of the tier 8 heavies and mediums can penetrate unless you angle to a degree in which you can’t even shoot back at them and the rear turret being so small that only tomatoes would shoot the turret.

                    the only way you can tank in it is to side scrape a corner (which the STG can side scrape too) So I’ll give you that.

                    Hell my panther with the L/100 can penetrate the 430 II because while the hull is 200mm effective. on the lower end of the upper plate it’s 190mm at lowest. If a tank can be penetrated by tanks 2 tiers lower than it. it’s not good at tanking like T26E4 can. 200mm on a tank that can’t ridge line and is forced to side scrape is acceptable not decent.


    2. You’re getting angry at the people that decided that’s it was a better idea to buff the M48 and place it at tier 10 knowing that the M60A1 was a FAR BETTER CHOICE.

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      1. Which is why i wish SERB would come back, bust through the door and smack the idiot upside the head that considered this a good idea.

        Also the M48A5 is a good consideration as a tier 10 as it was comparable to it’s M60 premium counterpart. The problem now is that the M26 and (prebuffed) M46 don’t fit that line and should lead to a tank like the T95E5 with the T42 and M48 (original) taking their spots respectively.

        Anyway personally I don’t care anymore after the release of 252U, they can put whatever the hell they want into the game at this point. That’s the beauty of not spending money on this game and when the servers are about to close on the last day. I’ll be sitting here with a cake with “are you ready for a miracle?” playing as loud as i can get it playing in the background.

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  5. So we’ve had changes to the Germans, the French and the British over the next few patches.

    Now its the Russians turn aye? Changes to IS-7 and Obj 430 lines. Now if they can make changes to the IS-4 and Obj 263 lines that would be great.

    I guess they’ve left the greatest fuck up of all till last: the US tech tree.


    1. And also, if you have already Obj430 (tier X one), so you will have to grind now the new one Obj430U instead already getting it in garage?


      1. If you have the tier X you will get the new tier X and keep the 430. This has been the standard for WG. Any experience you have at tier should stay at tier.


  6. Again WG going idiot mode. T62a had 115 mm gun in real life, what kind of problem is to give him his historical gun, and make different from 140 and 430 ?

    Now they are killing 121, and 113 as HT will have less armor then soviet MT….and 416, best MT in this line get Go fuck.


      1. They said before in a Q/A that they were interested in having smoothbores in the game. I don’t know why they didn’t go through with it as most first generation smoothbores couldn’t fire ATGMs and the ammunition isn’t really all that different from rifled ammo and if there is a difference they can keep it out of the game for balance.


        1. That Q&A was “fake” if you mean the Murazor one. He was just telling his Youtube audience what he wants to see in WoT, not what will come later in WoT.

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          1. Ok that makes sense because if i remember there was Q/A with Murazer but it was really just one of the interns spouting bullshit or was a translation error. (Was it the youtube ones? I thought that was one of reddit Q/As)

            But still if they have the LTTB’s top 85mm gun in game. I personally see no problem with the 115mm as well with 8 cm PAW they would make great additions to the game and test the waters. Hell they put ATGMs in Blitz so I won’t be surprised that someday the smoothbores will come into the game.


  7. …so, make the obj 216 new premium tank exclusive to all players owning tier 10 obj 430 by the time of the “switch” and i think we can all agree its gonna be an amazing exchange 😉


  8. em…Why do we need to do this….

    The 430 on t9 kills the reason to play T-10. And powercreep WZ-120 if it wasn’t enough already.


    1. I hope so, cause woud be very sad too loose my 3gun mark best scout of tier VIII 😀 that cammo rate. I have womens crew with full 6perks and 60proc of 7th perk, over 1000 battles with this baby 🙂


    1. I saw exactly the same. But if you look, the 430U will not have the 122mm D25T but apparently the 122mm M62. And FTR considered it as a potential heavy tank rather than a medium.


    1. Thank you for including that link, since that this can come aftez the ASU-100 which has similar suspension which can go to the 2S15 norov td sure it might be out of the time range but it would be easily debuffed and made teir 10 here is the line.

      Asu57 (6)- Asu85 (7)- Asu100 (8)- Object 416 (9)- 2S15 Norov (10)


  9. Clownazor in action again.

    WG said they want to improve the effectiveness of armour in the game again and now they give 340mm premium pen to a medium tank, almost 32% more than the regular pen…


  10. Oh god dammit. I wanted the 416 but I doubt I’ll be able to get it in time, and now I’ll probably have to pay 50 bucks for it when they re-release it as a premium.


  11. Well, this would give STG a reason to exist, as it would become THE dedicated premium for the 430U line and not just another collector’s vehicle.


  12. This replacement is really bad.Many of us like Object 430 just the way he is right now.If they wont to replace him ok, but i dont want medium tank with great alpha dmg and strog armor.Let the Object 430 stay like special vehicle like they did with British tanks. Give us a choice we love this tank.This will be very bad move for wg if they remove this tank.Another sad story not good for WG. 😦


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