WoT Supertest – Minsk

A new map, Minsk, is hitting the ST server, and it will be tested in two variants.



Both variants are 1000×1000 meters.


18 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Minsk

  1. So basically a new Windstorm variant or a new Siegfried Line variant? (Mentally overlay the maps over the ones pictured here, they’re pretty damn close)

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    1. Wait….what are the arrows coming onto the map in the 2nd variant? PVE map? “Defend Minsk from the onslaught of baddies!”


      1. Baddies? Still can’t get over class warfare in your on-line tank game? Kinda make’s you wonder who the real baddies are in this game don’t it? Mirror you need, yes?


  2. New maps would be nice but this needs alot of work. Again they are creating really strong defensive camping positions near caps as if baddies need more reason to camp 50m from base. They should just flaten area near base (no stupid railroad and bushes and put more trees and bushes on the central part.


  3. The first map is decent. Kinda asymmetrical, has some elevation change everywhere, and a decent number of flanking possibilities. They only need to fill some empty area with bushes/destructible objects etc and make river more shallow to prevent stupid drowning moments from slow tanks.

    The second map is just bad though, it’s like a larger Ensk but manage to be even worse than it. The only intriguing thing from it is those arrow corridor at line 0. Seems like you can only enter the corridor from middle, which you can use to flank defenders if you manage to reach it. The more I think of it the more I think it as a bad idea though. Meanwhile, the west and center is totally cancerous since they are just empty areas with obvious camping lines and too few elevations.

    So yeah, the first map could work to replace Stalingrad, while the second one simply need to be thrown away.


    1. As long as they don’t make more maps for OP driving, ridge, půssys that can’t brawl, I’m happy.
      The game is losing its appeal after all these years, many because these days playing like a pussy is “skill”
      It’s a game, people should play it, rather than hiding all fucking day and pretend it’s skill. They are even worse than “clickers”


      1. And yet here you are crying like a pussy. It’s usually the shitters that talk the most smack so I’m guessing you’re a baddie…


        1. I would pay money to see your iq results.
          Try to come up with an argument before you open your shithole.
          The only thing you are showing me here, is you’re one of these people and your own name is making mocking you..
          Im not a unicorn, no. But after 6 years I do pretty well now. 20 missions away from the Object 260, and I never really focused on the missions. So I’m definitely not a bed player.


  4. No more form over function. Lest we get a bunch of Karkov-Paris-Stallingrad maps.

    They make up tanks all of the time. Why not locations?

    Don’t try to recreate actual places WG. Just build good maps!


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