WoWP 2.0 – Get airborne again

Enjoy 🙂


16 thoughts on “WoWP 2.0 – Get airborne again

    1. Oh it kinda is. Well depends on how you look at it. It’s more of a drop in game now. BF style. You can join in the early game “never late or mid”, re-spawns as long as your team is not “cut off”, leave mid game with no penalty as long as you are dead there and then. Flying is way easier, and the new sights are helpful. And you get way more XP. I got 10 000 in one game and 130 000 credits on a tier 4. And 900 to 1500 xp on a loss. So it’s easier to grind vs before. Even the service record was reset.


    1. Are you blind? The game is renewed, that’s why. If you have no interest in the game, why click on this?
      I guess you have nothing better to do..


  1. I stopped playing because they force you to install Wargaming Center to play, unlike in WOT or WoWS. Which I find lame and annoying.


          1. From what I’ve understood, they intend to use it for WoT and WoWs aswell, it’s just that it’s still in beta, so using it for their least successful product while they develop/test it might not be a such bad idea after all.


  2. I’ve only ever heard or read bad things about this game, so I am not committing. They need to do more PR if they want people like me to join.


  3. In not going to play it unless I can download the old launcher and not use the WG launcher, because when WoWp 2.0 was in testing I got to play it one night, and then any other time I tried to play it, it would blue screen and restart my new laptop, and doing a game check it said the game was fine and the launcher was up to date


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