9.20.1 Release Date

WoT Update 9.20.1 enters the RU cluster officially on October 17, more precisely on the night from Monday to Tuesday (October 16-17). Expect EU/NA patch releases a day later, and the ASIA release a week later.


9 thoughts on “9.20.1 Release Date

  1. So release is being pushed again by WG?
    ….all the while a lot of concerns are being voiced over the Cearnavorn’s silly high DPM and that it’s current state needs being looked at, at least and needs addressing before patch release.

    So is Wargaming again conveniently “forgetting / overlooking / ignoring” this just to make another FotM? Or have they genuinely overlooked or forgotten this one thing in the list of tweaks they implemented in #ct2?


  2. its British not Russian this time so SHUT fuck up please,
    anyway the Caravan gets so love at last its alpha is still ‘silly low damage’ for a T8 HT

    you sound so ‘silly’ lol


    1. You hit the wrong reply button 😛

      Yeah it’s bout time the Brits got some love lol….but eh…there is a difference in ‘giving love’ and overdoing the ‘giving it’ part you know 😛

      On the other hand they gotta offset the Partiot, better do in style then I guess! 2500 dpm up the Russien ar***….uhm never mind 😛

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  3. So many things they need to change it’s amazing they actually think its ready for the live server… who the actual hell gets to decide when testing is done because they need a new job if they think 9.20.1 is ready


    1. That, my man is called a ridged deadline.
      When a project is deemed workable, within set parameters, it will get released and issues get ironed out after release or in a next patch release.

      This is how WG has operated since day one.


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