WoT Supertest – T-10 > Object 257

According to the well informed people from WoT Express, WG is planning to swap the T-10 for the Object 257. The T-10 will supposedly be moved to a branch starting from the IS-3.

Tier: IX HT, USSR, regular
HP: 1 900
Engine power: 850 HP
Power-to-weight ratio: 15.5 HP/t
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 50 / -15 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 28 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 26 °/s
View range: 390 m

Hull armor: 150 / 140 / 70
Turret armor: 350 / 240 / 100

Damage: 440 / 440 / 530
Penetration: 248 / 340 / 68
Reload speed: 12.3 s
Accuracy: 0.38
Aim time: 2.7 s
Gun depression/elevation: -5 / +15


50 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – T-10 > Object 257

  1. I can only guess that the „new“ line starting from the IS3 could end in the Object 777 which Is in the Game a Long Time already


  2. Surprizing but interesting as historically, the Obj. 257 is one of the development steps between the IS-6 and IS-7 (IS-6 –> Obj 252 / 253 –> Obj 257 / 258 –> Obj 260 –> IS-7).
    I think that the T-10 could be revamp and set as TX as it’s historically the last soviet heavy tank, in a gameplay similar to the 113.


    1. The IS-7. This tank will take its place between the IS-3 and IS-7.

      The T-10 will probably be moved to it’s own mini-branch. Either the T-10 becomes a tier 10 (probabably under the name T-10M) and then an “early” T-10 as tier 9 (inb4 under name IS-8 kek), or T-10 stays as tier 9 and they add a new tier 10 that plays like the T-10.

      Better wait and see what will happen.

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          1. I havent seen any news since their first announcement so maybe they changed their mind

            Also was the is3 the predecessor of the is4 and the T-10/T10m would be a good t10 tank
            but just guessing


            1. I know that there was no fresh news.
              The point is that the ST-I is historically an upgrade of the IS-4, mostly a new turret, but also a simplification of the suspension (see historical informations here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:R63_ST_I ). And as the 122mm M-62 was never installed on the IS-4, to have the ST-I as TX wit the 122mm M-62 makes it more logical as you have upgrade of turret, gun and suspension.
              Moreover the ST-I ingame starts with the Object 701 turret, considering that the Object 701 is the prototype of the IS-4.
              Better to have Object 701 (IS-4 as tier 9 stock) / IS-4 (IS-4 as tier 9 full) –> ST-I (TX upgrade of the IS-4)

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      1. That’s also what i think : T-10 as TX, as it’s the last soviet heavy tank, and as the T-10M was equiped with the 122mm M-62.
        Or we keep the T-10 as T9 and get either the Object 277 either the Object 770 as TX.

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  3. How is the tech tree gonna be? As far as i remember in of the official videos developers said that they would make some changes to kv and is line to differ them substianlly from each other,, in kv line only is4 is ‘different’ as it s a IS,, so they will do remarkable changes on both lines,, probably they will add an obj heavy line,, does anyone else have any idea?


      1. Neither were German tanks, for example. In-game performance aside, they’ve been built for the job, and yet, somehow, they still ended up looking quite nice.


  4. I think American MT and Auto loader tree also needs mini branches. M46 and M48 are quite different play style because of camo, size.

    In my opinion, M26 Pershing – M46 Patton -M47 Patton / T48(tier VIII) – M48A1(Recycling model) (tier IX) – M48A5 (X) is more close to standard.

    and There is a 120mm Autoloader tank, T77, in history. It has a M48 Patton hull so T54E1 – T57 Heavy(HT) or T77(MT) is better to unify the tree concept.


      1. Considering the Penetration level(M46’s worst penetration in the 105mm single shot MT) and Crew status(Radio operator), Tank shape,
        Relation with M46 and M48 is irregular. I want a regular tank tree like a other branches such as Leopard, Bat-chat, AMX 30s, Maus, T-62/Obj.140, E-50s.


    1. They don’t. WG was gonna implement crew skill bonusses for emblems and inscriptions, but after the community revolted they cancelled that. The framework is still there, though. You can actually see this in-game on the menu for applying emblems/inscription.


    1. 不是,外国朋友,is-4的炮塔前部装甲比257工程好了不知道多少倍,况且257工程的炮盾是空心的,只有250的厚度,装填上金币炮弹随便打穿


  5. The side armor of this tank is invincible if it is set at an angle. Even if the front inducer is useless, because the car’s track is “suspended”, that is, can only interrupt the inducer, and can not hurt. Don’t ask me why I know so much, because I’m a Chinese server player, after all, pay, to, win

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  6. In my opinion if these stuff come in 9.21 the top tiers soviet HT tech tree will look like
    Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 10
    IS-3 ——-> Object 257 ——-> IS-7
    \——-> T-10 ————> IS-4
    KV-4 ———> ST-1 ————-> ST-2

    If they decide to they might as well add another t9 (obj. 777 version I for example) after IS-3 which would lead up to obj. 777 version II or just make it an alternative t10 after obj. 257, but the latter would make way less sence

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  7. How can anyone complain about this? For once it’s not a clan reward and added to the tech tree.
    I’m quite sure it will be nerfed if it goes into the game at this tier.

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      1. If people already are crying about it, I guess that’s obvious something will happen.
        Time will show what happens. Either way, it’s a game and people should really grow up and prioritize what they cry about.

        This is NOT important at all.


  8. What the fuck will tier 7 tanks do towards this? Some tier 7 tanks have less pen than the effective side armor value of this shit tank. Why do they keep on overarmoring things yet allowing gold ammo? Game is pay2win and wot has become shit the last years, it is not as fun as it used to be back in the days.


  9. How about making it so that there will be 2 tier 9’s that lead to the is7. A lot like how u can research both jpanther 2 and Ferdinand from tier 7 jpanther and that they both lead to jagtiger. So, we would have both t10 and this tank at tier 9 so people can grind through the one that they prefer to the is7


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