WoWS 0.6.12: Tier 3 Premium Destroyer Vampire Stats

*Please note that the following stats are subject to changes before it is released*

-Originally V-class destroyer leader of the RN, loaned to RAN in 1933. Capable of single-shot torpedo use.

Ship HP: 9500
Armour: 10mm
Max. Speed: 34 knots
Rudder Shift time: 2.5 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 520m
Surface Detectability: 6.48 km
Air Detectability: 2.97 km
Smoke Firing Detectability:2.02km

Main Battery
102mm/45 Mark V (4 x 1)
Range: 10.11km
Reload time : 5 seconds
Turret rotation speed: 18 second per 180°
Maximum horizontal dispersion: 91m
Sigma: 2.0

HE Damage: 1500
HE Velocity: 805m/s
Chance of fire: 5%

AP Damage: 2100
AP Velocity:805 m/s

533mm Mark II (1 x 3)
Damage: 10000
Speed: 53 knots
Reload: 62s
Range: 6 km
Detectability: 1.1 km

40mm 2 pdr. QF Mark II (2 x 1)
Damage: 11, Range: 2.5km

20mm Breda Model 35 (1 x 2)
Damage: 3, Range: 2.0km

13.2mm Breda Model 31 (2 x 2)
Damage: 8, Range: 1.2km

(1st slot) Damage Control Party
(2nd slot) Smoke Generator (US DD)
(3rd slot) Engine Boost


3 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.12: Tier 3 Premium Destroyer Vampire Stats

  1. WG should really add Commonwealth to the techtree, so whoever wants a Perth or this can buy them with doubloons. I mean, we have a single-ship nation with Blyskawica already, and France was single-ship as well until they introduced the cruiser line.


    1. The really should just make Commonwealth commanders interchangeable with British ones. In real life Royal Australian Navy and Royal Canadian Navy ships were through at least the 30s usually commanded by British officers, and during WW2 they operated as part of the Royal Navy.


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