WoT Supertest – 9.20.1 new info

Source: WOT VK

FV4202 – armor reverted to 9.20 values. Statistics have shown that the tank was OP and now it was decided to test the tank without the changes. Tests will show which version will land on the second CT.


  • Lowered engine power from 650 to 510 HP
  • Power-to-weight ratio fell from 15,63 to 12,26 HP/t
  • Armor decreased:
    • Front hull armor from 76.2 to 50.8 mm
    • Front turret armor from 240 to 170 mm


The new UK Tier X TD now has a name – FV217 ‘Badger’. Aside of that, it got a better frontal armor and a higher alpha, though with slightly lowered reload speed. Also, some minor mobility buffs.

ELC EVEN – smaller clip in favor of a faster reload across the board, as well as increased alpha

Caernarvon AX – armor and DPM will be ‘changed’

Somua SM – lower top speed in favor of a more powerful engine



53 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – 9.20.1 new info

  1. All is subject to change. For sure they could do less hype around all buffs. Don’t forget to nerf Centurions, and completely remove turret armor on AX, because now its too good and competitve agains fucking Russian obj. 907 lads.



    1. So, you’ll have to drive a Russian Medium buggy instead? That figures, that’s what happens when Russian devs are sitting at the table make decisions say, ” Comrade Boris, we can’t have this! Other mediums cannot make out over buffed OP Russian tanks look like shit !! The RU, would never stand for this! This could bankrupt us! Our myth of Russian invincibility would be shattered! We must nerf the tanks at once, do something ! D:


  2. Well, one real option is here.

    After test launches phase two – drive with FV4202 like complete morons.

    This is rubbish… Defender, Guard, Patriot, Scorpion are good eh? Well only if you are a complete retards!!! 🙂


  3. “ELC EVEN – smaller clip in favor of a faster reload across the board, as well as increased alpha”

    so now we will have 4 shells in magazine and 250 alpha per shot. Whats reload of magazine and intraclip?


  4. I have no idea what the fuck they are talking about.
    I played the FV4202 on the test server against other FV4202s and I must say that the armor seemed to me was worse, I kind of managed to penetrate the turret everytime from the front.
    Mobility wise I didn’t really feel a buff, but if they say it was there, then maybe they did buff it…
    Why is the 254 frontal armor of the Primo Victoria not OP, but the 240 frontal armor on the FV4202 is?


  5. what?
    FV4202 Op lmao.
    In the first common test fv is great but not OP as Defender or Patriot.
    Now they say they will reverse FV to trash level.
    And why did they “buff” it when they say the tank is OP.
    WG you did a great job gg.


  6. FV4202 OP? are you kidding me? All normal tanks have either high DPM or high alpha, but FV4202 has none of both. And also, armor, none. mobility, none.
    Well, it’s gonna be a wash machine that sits in garage forever lol.


  7. “The new UK Tier X TD now has a name – FV217 ‘Badger’. Aside of that, it got a better frontal armor and a higher alpha, though with slightly lowered reload speed. Also, some minor mobility buffs.”

    OK but this was meant to get a 120mm, so why not move the 120mm from the Tortoise to the FV217 and then give the Tortoise the 105mm? And more mobility with more armor? Yer righto


      1. Why not? The Tortoise was never planned to get the 120mm anyway while the FV217 was.

        And with only 10 damage difference between them why not? They would play more similarly because the would both rely on DPM where as right now the FV217 is relying more on the alpha damage like the FV215b 183 did


        1. Tortoise does not need a nerf. Its gun is the only selling point of the tank. With 105mm then say goodbye to being able to overmatch swede TDs or roof weakspots on russian heavies.


          1. ok, the DPM would drop from 3,525 to 3,436. THat’s not much, considering the penetration would go from 259/326/120 to 268/330/105.

            You lose penetration on your HESH but the penetration gain on your standard ammo more then makes up for a minuscule 89 DPM loss.

            Ok, you can’t overmatch… learn to aim for weakpoints? Surprisingly tanks do have those if you take the time to learn them


            1. If they didn’t buffed the armour to around 300 then you are getting penned by a swede TD (308pen) most of the time while you are now bouncing off them, unless you’re within 150m and able to reliably hit the cupola.


              1. Please keep in mind you’re talking about 3 tanks out of how many tier 7 to 10 tanks you will verse?

                How many of those tanks also cant reliably pen the Swedish TDs along with many other tanks?

                Now you’re just trying to force a non-issue


  8. Silly russianlovers. Probably still pissy about Centurions, pattons and upgraded shermans wrecking their beloved tanks in battle.


  9. Good move. We dont need T8 Medium tanks with impenetrateable turrets even for T10 guns.

    Stupid swedish centurion stuff is enough already, at least these dont have an upper plate which can autobounce as that of the FV4202. Give it a slight turret buff so it can bounce same tier MT, and the engine buff is also a good idea.


  10. I think the FV4202 really needs the buff. Its gun is lack luster, gets penetrated by absolutely everything it meets, is completely out classed by every other premium med in the game, and it only has 230 alpha with some of the lowest dpm at tier 8.


  11. my eyes bleed from the comments here, do you read or half read? They didn’t nerf, they just wont apply the changes they were about on the FV4202. Its the Caernavorn X not the Centurion AX.. WTF


    1. I would say that the players understand that its not a nerf, but complain about the announcement that they want to revert the changes because the FV4202 turns out too good. While other tanks just passed the tests in a broken & OP state. And now they want to test the FV4202 in its live conditions on the test server again.(???). On the other hand the Primo is just the same kind of tank and is live with a good turret.


  12. Dear lord, so they think that the FV4202 is OP? yeah because the type4, type5, maus, fochb, fv4005 is totally balanced……. dear lord i hate WG so much, i cant wait for the day that this company burns to the ground and all the staff goes bankrupt and live on the street


    1. @ Indy_ah

      Well, after the 9.20.1 buffs, Type 59 may be better off, once again. I still play mine regularly and I get some pretty honourable results in it. Way better than the current T8 Chinese medium or the current Caernarvon, in any case.


  13. I fail to see how is the 4202 overpowered in any way

    the turret armor only works when using gun dep, like the AX, otherwise the bigass forehead is only 200mm against AP, and it has trash-tier DPM and gun handling

    the hull armor buff had been cancelled prior

    the increased mobility does not make the tank super fast in any way, just fast enough to at least keep pace with t-44s, and that thing still turns like a boat

    I mean, if you were given the choice between the buffed 4202 and the Patriot, there isn’t much incentive to opt for the 4202 over the patriot


  14. Please stop expecting anything truly intelligent from WG. These guys are mediocre SW devs having worked their way up in a mediocre gaming company. Smart people making smart decisions are working elsehwere.


  15. The FV4202 armor is crap, speed and mobility are crap after 2 engine upgrades, pen is the same or less than many new premiums.
    It is the same tank as Primo Victoria, it should have the same armor and similar stats. Instea it is much much worse in every way.


  16. If you WG feel it is OP, then try to reduce the scale of buff instead of testing a series of characteristics that already exist, all data of the characteristics you WG wants to revert to can be picked up from the formal server. How stupid it is to do like said in this article ! Just wasting time.
    Now neither the cheek of it or the area near the gun, Which is the biggest area on its turret, can defend even the credit ammo of any tier 6. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to make it effective against 175pen or ever against 200 (in pub test 1 it is effectively 275mm thick), but I have to say that hull armor is enough with 50.8mm.
    Think about the centurion and the Swedish primo , is it really op in pub test with a stronger turret? And is it really enough with its armor now?


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