WoT Supertest – 9.20.1 new info

Source: WOT VK

FV4202 – armor reverted to 9.20 values. Statistics have shown that the tank was OP and now it was decided to test the tank without the changes. Tests will show which version will land on the second CT.


  • Lowered engine power from 650 to 510 HP
  • Power-to-weight ratio fell from 15,63 to 12,26 HP/t
  • Armor decreased:
    • Front hull armor from 76.2 to 50.8 mm
    • Front turret armor from 240 to 170 mm


The new UK Tier X TD now has a name – FV217 ‘Badger’. Aside of that, it got a better frontal armor and a higher alpha, though with slightly lowered reload speed. Also, some minor mobility buffs.

ELC EVEN – smaller clip in favor of a faster reload across the board, as well as increased alpha

Caernarvon AX – armor and DPM will be ‘changed’

Somua SM – lower top speed in favor of a more powerful engine